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I support The Transition because: the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!

I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.


Intentional Community Preference: Income Sharing, Egalitarian


My Personal Reading List (All the books I am currently reading right now)


My Wish List  (Want to send me a THANK YOU gift? This is my wish list!)


Personality Test Results:

The 5 Love Languages: 

  • 7 Words of Affirmation
  • 6 Acts of Service
  • 6 Physical Touch
  • 6 Receiving Gifts
  • 5 Quality Time

The 5 Languages of Apology/ When Sorry Isn't Enough:

  • 6 Expressing Regret
  • 5 Accept Responsibility
  • 5 Genuinely Repent
  • 4 Make Resitituition
  • 0 Request Forgiveness

Strengths Finder 2.0 (Top 5 Results):

  • Connectedness
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection

How The World Sees You Result:

  • The Veiled Strength

  • Get Off Your "Buts" addition

    I think my biggest "but" was something like "but I don't even know what I want out of life. I don't know where I'm going or even where I want to/should be going. I don't have clarity. I have a vague idea of what I want my life to look like but I don't know how to clearly define my goal." Doing the Passion Principles exercise on helped me with this. I now have clarity that my goal/destination is to create a life for myself in which I am living/realizing my passion principles that I discovered from doing that exercise. Thank you Nicole.

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  • Video no longer exists

    On How does this impact me page, under I know about non-violent communication or I watched this video, the video no longer exists

    Official response from completed

  • Feedback

    This isn't really a suggestion, but feedback from a person I was having a conversation with on FB, "Veronica-Mae Soar Karen Fischbach I had a quick look at the site and it was rather too complicated and full of too much stuff. It needs to become much simpler and more user friendly. I know people have worked hard on TT website and have made it the best they have been able, under the past and present circumstances. So this isn't a criticism, but simply feedback. No official response from TT team is requested by me.

    Official response from considering

  • In anger how do you calm yourself down?

    I own it. If it is a charge, i look for what angers me about the other that i see in myself . If it about injustice, broken agreements or boundary violations, i use my anger to step into clear assertive energy to address the situation. Anger is an E motion... a gateway to clean clear assertive behavior or in shadow "the Savage".

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  • On Our Plan page, link to phase 1 building community not working

    The page you were looking for was not found.

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  • I do not have new expectations, I'm keeping an open mind!

    1. I feel like your organization can help navigate the many pitfalls that can plague starting a New Paradigm. To shift away from the old paradigm, reevaluating old belief systems, patterns, and changing them requires much work, more than what others expect. I hope this comprehensive process can show unique ways to ease the transition. 2. I plan to check/work daily, at the worst, weekly. 3. I'm confused with the question but I will answer this: I expect to give my all in my areas of expertise and providing as much as I can to help the Transition. I expect the Transition to help in areas that I have no knowledge or to provide unique connection, solutions, or examples of how to help achieve a more sustainable world. 4. I expect to be a team player for many years if it helps others see and act towards creating a better future. 5. I expect that most of projects started have to have grassroots beginnings where a few people share what that they can and see where the missing resources are to start small-scale projects that are profitable enough to expand the existing project or create another similarly profitable project. I do not know the funding system of the Transition but I would not ask for funding unless I had a plan that was well-developed by members of the Transition. 7. I expect this site to help both professionally and personally, whether it be connecting business connections towards creating sustainable businesses/projects, or leading to gurus/ceremonies, or healers that have solutions to emotional, physical, or spiritual problems. 8. Yes of course. 9. I am always altering my behaviors, mindset, and activities to align with the path of least harm but with the most amount postive transformation. I see the Transition aligned with this goal so yes. 10. I dunno, I expect a waiting time of around a week. 11. I do feel like it is reasonable, maybe slightly ambitious, but I'm easy-going so I keep my expectations pretty wide.

  • Smile Song for Jukebox Lyrics

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  • This tool should help with that

  • It should be easy go edit my expectations.

    Official response from completed

    It is. To edit a page you have added content to, but want to change go to that page. On the top right of the vertical menu you will find "Edit this Suggestion". Click on it and it will take you to the page to edit your pre-existing submitted material.

  • Change of Mission

    The Transition needs to change from a lofty headspace website to a practical "Hands on" organization.

    we (the collective of "awakened") don't need another "teaching website" telling us what must be done, asking for pledges without making the first step themselves.

    One huge issue thats stopping the "awakened" from acting is the chains of need.

    We all need Food, Water, Clothes, Tools, Housing that without a safetynet, can only be acquired via money.

    What "The Transition" needs to be is THE place to go for key resources.

    The Transition needs to acquire local storage/depots to allow US the volunteer's space to acquire resources that form the safety net!

    If we had free local storage we could set up resources banks, that's set up to be free to the point of need...

    This isn't charity shops.. the resources won't be sold for money or shipped to far-flung locations away from the people that need them...

    With local free storage. We can set up

    Transition FOOD BANKS (Not Trussel trust food banks that are restricted by the government and means tested to prevent its use) but FOOD BANKS that serve the people.. we donate the food and the food is checked, washed and then is Free to the point of need for the public that needs it.

    WATER BANKS (The Transition should approach land owners that have access to clean water sources, and use the water for free if (TT) supplies the storage and transport to the depots.

    CLOTHES BANKS... again instead of donating clothes to a charity that sells the clothes, the clothes are checked and washed and then is available to the public for free.

    TOOLS BANKS ... equipment is donated, checked, and refurbished/fixed and then is free to the point of need. (if people know that TOOLS are readily available .. they wouldn't need to store/own tools.. the tools can be donated once no longer needed)

    HOUSING/Shelter .. abandoned property that's been left to ruin can be repaired and redecorated and then OCCUPIED by the transition for use...

    For emergency housing, tents and shelters can be acquired on transition owned land.

    The safety net should be the Transitions NUMBER ONE GOAL for the first 10 years.

    Mr Damion Turner.



    Official response from completed

    Everything you have stated about the chain of needs, Food Banks Water Banks etc. is what we are hoping our BUDS will create within each area where there is a gathering of people that want to bring about the Transition to a resource based economy. Our site is here to help guide people to such groups and for those groups to advertise what they are doing. The Transition has the potential to be THE place to go for key resources if people came together and entered their information into our website. We have pages dedicated to finding people with certain skills (, finding objects (, spaces ( or even just other contributors ( that might be in your area.

  • New Action Plan items not covered in Personal Impact

    In there's a few newly added items missing

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  • new platform

    For some reasons, I find it not so easy to navigate through the page.
    My friend Tom just connected with the ASC:

    Official response from completed

    The only page you really need is this one it will then lead you to others as you need them.

  • 5 dimensions of conflict but only 4 are talked about

    In Dimensions of Conflict it says

    There are five major factors which influence the dimensions of conflicts, awareness of conflict, intensity of feelings and actions, rules or customs which regulate how conflicts are resolved, the purity of conflict, and the levels of power inequality.

    but purity of conflict is not discussed

    Read more:

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  • Funding the vision for co created space

    Would it be possible to ad a patreon link or establish a campaign for educational funding?

    Official response from incomplete

    Where would you like to see this exactly?

  • Meme Portal

    There seems to be a problem with the meme portal, in that I can not share any of the memes. Whenever I do try to share them, this happens:

    I get The Transition logo, and no meme.

    Official response from started

    We have submitted this issue to Nationbuilder you can help us be a squeaky wheel here

  • Website in gerenal

    it is too verbose, with a lot of information and burocratically sending the user all around. I suggest a simplified, step by step guide for each type of user (new comers, participants, etc)


    Official response from incomplete

    You can provide specific recommendations in a detailed Google Doc to your Point Person.

  • Response to request for feedback

    This is in response to a request that we each leave one suggestion in the suggestion box. I still don't think the action plan section of the website is mobile friendly. The boxes are tiny on my cell phone, and they can't distinguish between a "clicking the box" touch, and a scrolling touch. Improving these problems would definitely help with my ability to use the website.

    Official response from started

  • Emails

    The ability for The Transition team members to send emails to supporters and contributors - either automatic emails or manually produced emails, is extremely important. It would be helpful to be able to send emails between The Transition members and from members to Transition Team members via The Transition site, as well. However, there is a tendency to overdo emails - so it is important that automatic emails are kept to a very minimum.

    Official response from started

    Agreed. We submitted this issue to Nationbuilder, but need your help to make it a priority for them

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