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The Most Astounding Fact

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What Do You Have Space For?


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What Is Hard for Me to Say Is...

Shame, embarrassment and reservation are all targets of transparency techniques. This simple blank exercise is a sister to "If you really knew me". It is also usually done in a go-round format and can be followed by Crosstalk.

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Income Generation

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Surround Yourself...


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Phase 0 Recommended Reading

As an organization we encourage individuals with limited incomes to find these titles at your local library or borrow from a fellow Transition website user. However, if you have the means and like to own books you can purchase these titles and support The Transition by clicking on the covers below and purchasing them online.

nickel_and_dimed.jpg fast_food_nation.jpg the_gardens_of_democracy.jpg philanthrocapitalism.jpg the_book_of_community.jpg
Why_you're_stuck.jpg robots_will_steal_your_job.jpg the_zero_maginal_cost_society.jpg nonviolent_comminication.jpg as_a_man_thinketh.jpg  
a_guide_to_the_present_moment.jpg love_book.jpg the_internet_is_my_religion.jpg the_conquest_of_bread.jpg a_framwork_of_understanding_poverty.jpg


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This is a simple technique that encourages participation. The Facilitator states a question and then goes around the room inviting everyone to answer briefly. This is not an open discussion. This is an opportunity to individually respond to specific questions, not to comment on each other's responses or make unrelated remarks.

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"Beauty" & Brains


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Reasons for Revoking Team Membership:

  1. Missing 4 Consecutive Meetings with no communication as to why they are skipping meetings.

  2. Failure to participate in any active project for more than 3 weeks.

  3. Failure to pay 2 months or more of current Contributorship.

  4. Consistently failing to be on time for meetings to such a degree that it affects our teamwork.

Any member may request for revoking another member’s membership only after demonstrating that the accused member meets one of the above reasons.

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Request an IC-Warming Seed Package

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has partnered with The Transition in order to help new intentional communities get off the ground with growing their own food. If you are on Phase 4 of Your Action Plan you are eligible to request an IC-Warming SeedSESE_logo.jpg Package that will be a starter kit of seeds to grow for your new community. SESE has asked that you provide the following information when you send in your request:

  • You inform them The Transition referred you.
  • Specify what crop types you are interested in (i.e. easy to grow, stuff kids would like to snack on etc.)
  • Tell them a little about your intentional community's Mission and regular activities.
  • Give them an up-to-date address to send the seeds and their latest catalog to.


To request your packet e-mail them at and provide the information outlined above in your e-mail. If you have any problems submitting this request please contact your Point Person for assistance.


Take Note: Offer is only one package per new budding community. Have the Seed Person of your BUD submit the package request.



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