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Outdoor Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks take time and effort. Unless the home is something that is rented where the landlord takes care of outdoor tasks there are tasks around the property that need to be done. Mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and weeding flower beds are much less onerous when the tasks are shared with fellow Home-Mates. In fact, the care for flowers and vegetables and the creation of a garden can be a shared pleasure.

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What Do You Have Space For?


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Phase 0 Recommended Reading

As an organization we encourage individuals with limited incomes to find these titles at your local library or borrow from a fellow Transition website user. However, if you have the means and like to own books you can purchase these titles and support The Transition by clicking on the covers below and purchasing them online.

nickel_and_dimed.jpg fast_food_nation.jpg the_gardens_of_democracy.jpg philanthrocapitalism.jpg the_book_of_community.jpg
Why_you're_stuck.jpg robots_will_steal_your_job.jpg the_zero_maginal_cost_society.jpg nonviolent_comminication.jpg as_a_man_thinketh.jpg  
a_guide_to_the_present_moment.jpg love_book.jpg the_internet_is_my_religion.jpg the_conquest_of_bread.jpg a_framwork_of_understanding_poverty.jpg


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The Most Astounding Fact

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Surround Yourself...


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"Beauty" & Brains


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Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication Workshop

It is recommended you review this video every 3-4 months as a refresher. Old habits die hard, but reviewing this quarterly helps us eliminate our behaviors that do not serve us and help us bond more closely with others.

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There is often a need for specific analysis and strategy about the local area.

Ask yourself:

  • What are the vital issues in this town, state or region?
  • Who holds the power?
  • What is already being done?
  • Where do we start?


Doing such an analysis of your own situation with your BUD will often lead to connecting to other like minded people who are working on the same issues you have isolated in your research.

If you have developed a Strategy based BUD and figured out a way to work in your local community and unify efforts please let The Transition know and apply to be a Volunteer/Consultant.



Sources: Building Social Change Communities

Contributors: Peter Woodrow, The Training/Action Affinity Group of Movement for a New Society

Recommended Reading:  Building Social Change Communities

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Whole Group

The value of whole group discussion is the evolution of a group idea. A group idea is not simply the sum of individual ideas, but the result of the interaction of ideas during discussion. Whole Group Discussion can be unstructured and productive. It can also be very structured, using various Facilitation Techniques to focus it. Often, Whole Group Discussion does not produce maximum participation or a diversity of ideas. During Whole Group Discussion, fewer people get to speak, and, at times, the attitude of the group can be dominated by an idea, a mood, or a handful of people.

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People May Hate You...


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