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I support The Transition because: the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!

I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.


Intentional Community Preference: Income Sharing, Egalitarian


My Personal Reading List (All the books I am currently reading right now)


My Wish List  (Want to send me a THANK YOU gift? This is my wish list!)


Personality Test Results:

The 5 Love Languages: 

  • 7 Words of Affirmation
  • 6 Acts of Service
  • 6 Physical Touch
  • 6 Receiving Gifts
  • 5 Quality Time

The 5 Languages of Apology/ When Sorry Isn't Enough:

  • 6 Expressing Regret
  • 5 Accept Responsibility
  • 5 Genuinely Repent
  • 4 Make Resitituition
  • 0 Request Forgiveness

Strengths Finder 2.0 (Top 5 Results):

  • Connectedness
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection

How The World Sees You Result:

  • The Veiled Strength


    I see the marker for my farm as having free WiFi on the map but the marker shows Hillsboro, WI, and this is not the correct location. How does one move the marker to the correct location?

    Official response from completed

    You would have to update the location to the address that you want to use.

  • Spaces

    When adding spaces, the privacy indicators are not appropriate for some of the categories. For instance, when talking about land, it isn't exactly appropriate to say a private room, entire place, or a shared room. It doesn't seem to apply. The same when speaking of a RV/Caravan/Motor Home hook up - private or shared room doesn't really apply.

    Official response from incomplete

    What privacy indicators would you like to have available for those types?

  • Streaming 'Video vault'

    Hi, very disappointed that I can't stream videos as I'm outside of the US. You need to consider non-US people. Perhaps add them to another streaming service / CDN service to bypass these draconian restrictions.


    Official response from started

    This is why we ask our international users to help us locate these films on sites that are accessible to them.

  • Chaplin Video - You the people haver the power

    Perhaps replace this video with a modified version that encapsulates modern scenes and situations relevant to our times such as this. Thank you for your consideration and incredibly obvious hard work and dedication to the cause.

    Official response from considering

    If we had a video team this would be very feasible however at this time we do not.

  • Where are the poll results?

    for the resiliance poll i shared it but dont i get to see it?

    Official response from completed

    No currently this is a feature in beta testing.

  • Hard copy file

    Keep a hard copy file of Transition supporters, their locations and perhaps phone numbers, if available. Update this perhaps once a year. This would be back up in the event of an internet crash, or being locked out of the internet for whatever reasons.

    Official response from planned

  • WE are starting to have meetings

    How can we get our in person monthly and weekly online meetings listed?

    Official response from completed

    You can go to the Events page ( and at the bottom there is a button 'Host your own event' where you can add your events to the calendar.

  • Producer's market needs to be added as a category

    A category, producer's market, needs to be added on this site

    Official response from planned

  • Friends

    men are learning to relax and trsut each other and

    Official response from incomplete

    Would you provide a url for the page you are referring to?

  • Its shows a sign in page?

    if i was to take out your_action_plan out would it still work? & just go to the home page?

    Official response from completed

    There are some pages that require the user to sign in like the Action Plan. There are a lot of pages that are open to everyone like the home page and the items under the home page dropdown.

  • Movie vault needs a "getting started" section

    There's currently overwhelmingly many films on the list for someone only getting started. There should be a few general ones highlighted as a starting point such as Zeitgeist Moving Forward and anything else that's highly recommended by many people. Also the sections would be better if they were expandable, rather than having to load a new page.

    Official response from considering

  • Where is the transition handbook?

    I started reading it got pulled away by hyperlinks now o\i cant find it. not even in the site directory I wish there was just an easy button from action plan page

    Official response from completed

    The transition handbook can be found here:

  • my favorite recipes

    FACT: There is enough fluoride in a tube of fluoridated toothpaste to actually kill a child!

    · Fluoride (Fluorine)

    Fluoridated water is neither benign nor beneficial . To begin with, the fluoride found in our drinking water is anything but natural. It is actually hydrofluosilicic acid, a by-product of heavy industry, especially the fertilizer and aluminum industries. What are other uses for this substance? Try…

    Rat poison, and
    Sarin nerve gas – just to name a few.
    Scrapped off factory chimneys and smelters, it is rightfully considered a poison and treated as a dangerous bio-hazard when handling. However, this EXACT same substance is then mixed into our drinking water, and by some yet unknown alchemical reaction (sarcasm) what was minutes before a deadly industrial waste suddenly becomes a so-called “healthy” adjunct to our basic water supply.

    Problems with Fluoride

    The major problems with fluoride are two-fold. The first is Iodine Displacement - fluoride slowly but surely displaces iodine in our thyroid. The second is Dosage -the more water one drinks, the more fluoride one consumes. Also, we must take into account every time we shower or bath, our skin absorbs huge amounts of fluoride (and chlorine) – much more so than drinking.

    When we also consider that fluoride is found in most toothpastes, each day becomes a gamble as to just how much fluoride is actually entering the body.

    Making your own toothpaste saves money, gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and allows you to leave out all the harmful ingredients commercial toothpaste is made of… Oh yeah, and they all take less than 5 minutes to prepare. And it's easy!
    I have made my own toothpaste for years. These recipes call for easy to come by ingredients like baking soda and organic peppermint essential oil.

    I am sharing 3 easy to make recipes today. If you don’t like one, simply make recipe 2 and so on. Once you make your own toothpaste I don’t think you will ever go back to using store bought stuff again!
    3 Simple Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

    Official response from planned

  • Missing the awesome Gaiaship

    it's a hybrid of more than one alternative building method, such as earthship using cobb instead of concrete and living roof, but the 95% of the building materials are recycled. This building method uses the most sustainable technology when possible such as methane digest for fuel or Fresnel lenses for hot water, etc. Technique developed and researched by community builders at Wanderers End Villages.

    Official response from considering

  • Volunteer form bug

    When I submit the volunteer form, it goes to the sign in page, but I got an email saying "thank you for volunteering" so I think it sends the form but doesn't give you a confirmation.

    Official response from completed

    This issue has been fixed. We were directing users to a page that required a membership. This has been corrected to direct users to the take action page.

  • Can't view link

    Clicking on link brings me to the sign in page and then when I sign in it redirects to main page.

    Official response from completed

  • Referring people task

    I found it a bit of a difficult task and I think there should be more advice on how to do this. Hosting movie screenings or other events isn't really feasible for someone who doesn't have a group yet. I'd suggest something like: "If you're part of other changemaking groups, online or offline, try talking to someone there about it" and make a list of benefits to joining (meeting new people, getting advice when stuck, sharing skills and experience etc) so people can sell the idea better. Also maybe re-word it to "Tell at least one other person about The Transition" and in a later phase, have a task of actually convincing someone to join.

    Official response from completed

    That page exists here: you can submit your own content to your point person directly with pictures and screenshots as well to be included on this page. Also lots of people are finding success by having people listen to this podcast Also as a reward for Phase 3 The Transition will buy you your own business cards for The Transition if you like.

  • Minga

    It would be good to have an explanation of what a minga is and an example, somewhere along, My Action Plan

    Official response from planned

  • Future me letter

    A friend who is trying to sign up says she is stuck at the Future me letter, because it is asking for a donation and she doesn't have any money to donate. She says she can't enter past the donation request to be able to post her letter. She gave me this web address for the page she's having a problem:

    Official response from completed

    The link is confirming that the email will be sent November 24th, 2018. The letter will be sent to them on that date regardless of whether or not co donates to them.

  • I keep getting lost

    just trying to stay on the path through this taking action but It doesn't feel really well guided

    Official response from incomplete

    Are you referring to this page or another one?

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