Build Support

"There are only two options. To be the person who is making positive change or to support the one who is making positive change."

~ Yongo Otieno Wycliffe

The organizing being done by grass-roots Contributors across the world is creating momentum and changing the conversation on important issues- and you have an important role to play in growing this movement.

- Direct people asking questions about The Transition (on Quora, Facebook and other forums) to our website.  Talk about our campaigns and victories in your own language, and make sure your friends know how you're making a difference. Be sure to use your Personalized Supporter Referral Link to refer new people to the site and earn rewards.

-Wear The Transition T-shirt, sweatshirt or button when you go to large public events,they make a great conversation piece!

Place one of our banners on your website or blog.

Recommend or Supply your local library with one or all of the books found on our recommended reading list.

- Purchase items from our online stores and  member businesses. The more you purchase the things you need and want from other members the more your funds go to the projects we support. Always think about shopping with us first when the holidays roll around! Remember you "vote" for the future you want, with the money you chose to spend. Where is your future headed?

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