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Thanks for helping make a difference in your community.

How did you help out The Transition, on a grassroots level, in your community?

  • Volunteered at a local event
  • Helped friends and family get involved
  • Shared your story
  • Wrote a letter to a local paper
  • Shared a story on Twitter or Facebook
  • Helping the Transition Team to work on the website
  • Something else?


Be sure to include how many hours of your time you contributed as well!

Take a few minutes to tell us which activities you took part in, and let us know how it went.

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  • Here’s another comment that I left for this post –

    You’ve left out the best.
  • I just added to the many comments where I tell about The Transition, a question to 2 pages that deal with transition. I asked them if they knew about our site.
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  • I told Nicole that her podcasts don’t work with her link. They do work when I look for them in you tube.
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  • I recently went back to a piece of land I had my eye on. I never thought I would have the money for this place. It has a home, an arena, an over 13 acres of land. I just enjoyed imagining what I would do there. When I went by I saw that it wasn’t a family that had moved in but instead an organization that helps people recovering from drug abuse. They use animal therapy and they also have a bakery that they run in a nearby town. So i have made several attempts to get in touch with them.

    Perhaps I can volunteer to help with the animals, or help start a garden, or use a spare room to practice non-violent communication. Or maybe there is a way I can learn carpentry skills or solar power skills. Maybe if I help them raise funds for their projects. We might be able to discuss having tiny houses on the farm acreage. I’ll let you know when someone responds to my email, or phone call.
  • We are planting an orchard of fruit and nut trees for the local food bank. So far we have 14 trees in the ground and we expect them to start producing next year. Seven of the trees have sponsors who reimbursed us for the cost of buying them. When all of the trees we currently have are sponsored, we will get more.

    We have filed articles of incorporation with the state of Arizona for our intentional community, which is structured as a 501(d).
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  • We are living the dream as we transition from a monetary based economy to a resource based economy through the Hybrid RBE System. We have chosen Walsenburg, Colorado as our point of entry into the new paradigm we are fashioning here. We truly are creating our own reality as we work together in community to create a life we can all enjoy. We are now a 501 C3 nonprofit the Universal Alliance of Communities, Inc. and have just acquired the deed for what will eventually house up to 15 community members. We now house 6 community members and numerous quests and supporters. We have dubbed this endeavor The Transition House Walsenburg. We are funding this using the hybrid money system and the UBUNTU One Small Town 1/3-1/3-1/3 system and are creating three agreements as we speak to initiate handy man services, IT Services through our in-house affiliation with the Lost Boys Network. And finally, we are in contractual negotiations to manage a large warehouse in downtown Walsenburg to centralize food distribution to the area fresh markets. We have begun modification to a 5,000-sq. ft. area to provide hydroponic / aquaponic food delivery right to the fresh market distribution level above. We are in with local agencies that support and participate. We are extremely active in local volunteer services and are easily recognized in the community as Transition House Community members. We are living in community within a community and it is awesome.
  • We just had our 6th meeting (Bud for Intimacy – facebook)/

    Brian Fey joined us for the first time.

    Both Brian and Robert did not see the point in having meetings. We decided to continue with contacts in facebook messenger There were a number of items of information that we wanted to exchange. Both of them also did not want to invite more people to join until they see the point of the group. Hopefully after some items of information are exchanged they will see the value of adding more people.

    I sent the minutes of the last meeting to Nicole. Maybe she will be able to help us . We are also waiting for the promised gathering of those who are on the third level of their action plan.
  • I’ve been promoting The Transition enough that FB has blocked my personal link to The Transition.
  • Going for phase -1 review session
  • Monthly Potlucks started: We had our inaugural event on Monday, Jun 11, 2017, with 23 people including children attending. Despite the heat, we all had a good time, and got to talk with and meet our neighbors. We plan to have a second potluck Jul 10.
  • Finished understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 1 hour spent.
  • I'd like to enter here the fb seed that I started that combines working with Transition and learning about intimacy. I call it "Bud for Intimacy (BFI)". Like my other intimacy groups it is limited to 10 members and each of these members are required to form ANOTHER bud for intimacy according to their own specifications. I can help them to do that.
  • I have been doing many things before I joined the transition. Too many to report here I’ll just mention the main ones that I listed in my facebook page (Meir Hurwitz): (Hebrew) (Hebrew)

    I’d like to mention a special fb group that I founded as an attempt to make a bud. It’s called Bud for Intimacy . I would like to invite people who are working with the Transition AND are also interested in intimacy. Robert Howes started with me, but it seems that he’s too busy to participate. I am talking to another person about coming in. I hope that she will help.

    Nicole mentioned that she might start a sjupport grojup for thnose whno are in phase 3. That might also help. Of coourse I’m telling people about it and inviting them FIRST to join the Transition.

    I am also a contributor (part of phase 2 and a requirement before forming a seed).

    Anyone interested in helping out (in this groujp or in any of the others)?
  • Understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 2 hours spent.
  • Understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 2 hours spent.
  • Understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 1 hour spent.
  • If you want a better world you have to contribute to it in one way or another. So join us.
  • I am working on building a second business in addition to my primary property based business. The second business will be materials based. Any materials such as old wood and other building products can be had just for the trouble of carrying them away. I have three commercial vehicles. A VW LT35 Luton van. A VW LT35 tipper and a Nissan Vanette. I have the tipper engine head off at the moment so it is not running. The Luton van is full of free wood waiting to go into my unfinished store. I have a lot to do and too little help.
  • Understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 3 hours spent.
  • Finished read, understand, hyperlink and correct minor issues in the FAQs on TT web page and I’ve to hyperlink and correct minor issues on TT web site. 4 hours
  • Read, understand, hyperlink and correct minor issues in the FAQs on TT web page. I’m roughly at 64% of the task. 3 hours.
  • Reading, understanding, hyperlinking and correct minor issues in the FAQs on TT web page, I’m roughly at 33% of the task. 2 hours.
  • Met with Nicole working on my education and I’ve received guidance to my task. 1 hour