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I support The Transition because: the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!

I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.


Intentional Community Preference: Income Sharing, Egalitarian


My Personal Reading List (All the books I am currently reading right now)


My Wish List  (Want to send me a THANK YOU gift? This is my wish list!)


Personality Test Results:

The 5 Love Languages: 

  • 7 Words of Affirmation
  • 6 Acts of Service
  • 6 Physical Touch
  • 6 Receiving Gifts
  • 5 Quality Time

The 5 Languages of Apology/ When Sorry Isn't Enough:

  • 6 Expressing Regret
  • 5 Accept Responsibility
  • 5 Genuinely Repent
  • 4 Make Resitituition
  • 0 Request Forgiveness

Strengths Finder 2.0 (Top 5 Results):

  • Connectedness
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection

How The World Sees You Result:

  • The Veiled Strength

  • Funding the vision for co created space

    Would it be possible to ad a patreon link or establish a campaign for educational funding?

    Official response from incomplete

    Where would you like to see this exactly?

  • Meme Portal

    There seems to be a problem with the meme portal, in that I can not share any of the memes. Whenever I do try to share them, this happens:

    I get The Transition logo, and no meme.

    Official response from started

    We have submitted this issue to Nationbuilder you can help us be a squeaky wheel here

  • Website in gerenal

    it is too verbose, with a lot of information and burocratically sending the user all around. I suggest a simplified, step by step guide for each type of user (new comers, participants, etc)


    Official response from incomplete

    You can provide specific recommendations in a detailed Google Doc to your Point Person.

  • Response to request for feedback

    This is in response to a request that we each leave one suggestion in the suggestion box. I still don't think the action plan section of the website is mobile friendly. The boxes are tiny on my cell phone, and they can't distinguish between a "clicking the box" touch, and a scrolling touch. Improving these problems would definitely help with my ability to use the website.

    Official response from started

  • Emails

    The ability for The Transition team members to send emails to supporters and contributors - either automatic emails or manually produced emails, is extremely important. It would be helpful to be able to send emails between The Transition members and from members to Transition Team members via The Transition site, as well. However, there is a tendency to overdo emails - so it is important that automatic emails are kept to a very minimum.

    Official response from started

    Agreed. We submitted this issue to Nationbuilder, but need your help to make it a priority for them

  • Foot Fungus

    On The Transition page "" coconut oil as an effective method of treating foot fungus, by applying it like hand lotion to the afflicted parts, should be mentioned.

    Official response from planned

  • Other solutions for sinus infections

    In addition to the instructions on The Transition page "", there needs to be mention of the practice of sinus irrigation, or, in other words, the use of netty pots, as extremely effective treatment for sinus infections and the prevention of sinus infections, as well as other respiratory infections and allergic reactions.

    Official response from submitted

    New copy based content for the site can be written in Google Doc format and submitted to your Point Person to be added to the site.

  • Honey as an alternative to antibiotics

    On The Transition page "", honey could be included as a means of preventing infections in wounds.

    Official response from planned

  • The holographic universe.

    5 videos that show why scientists today claim that the universe is a hologram.

    Official response from considering

  • Price quotes for solar hot water

    On the page for Solar Hot Water,, there is a table giving price quotes for two different sized solar hot water heating systems. Any such price quotes need to be dated - a date should be stated when these prices were in effect. Since solar energy has dropped in cost/price, it is possible these prices are no longer accurate. When any price is given, the date when this price is in effect should be given - for anything, not just solar hot water systems - as prices fluctuate over time. What is a valid price today may not be valid tomorrow. Without a date being given, the reader has no idea whether the prices given are currently valid.

    Official response from started

  • A description is needed

    On The Transition page, "" a description of what a CSA is and how it works is needed.

    Official response from planned

  • Need for a page to buy/sell/trade/give away/or offer shares on livestock and small animals

    Under The Transition page, ", there needs to be a page or a reference to a section of The Transition classifieds for supporters to buy, sell, give away, or offer livestock and other small animals on a share or other basis. A share program needs to be developed.

    Official response from planned

    Buy/Sell will be under the Micro Jobs store, but we currently do not have enough volunteers to work on that project. The give away is under objects. We will work on offerings for livestock as a separate page.

  • Seed Exchanges

    Under The Transition page "Food Production",, there needs to be a page on seed exchanges. The Transition needs to have our own seed exchange, where supporters can offer and request seeds (on a free if you ask basis (?) ) from other supporters. Other plant stocks could be included, such as seedling trees, bulbs, etc. This would be in addition to a listing of known seed exchanges, places to look for seed exchanges, places that offer free seeds (and under what situations/conditions and suggestions regarding how to set up a local seed exchange.

    Official response from completed

    Seeds can be offered under objects and seed exchange will be developed for the missions section. For now, users can use Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE).

  • Information is buried in the Website.

    In order to find other people, shared skills and objects, people need to go to "connect" ( and then to "find other nearby supporters". Then they can find free wi-fi, other supporters, shared objects, etc. This information needs to be more easily accessible. Also, when people think of "donate" it isn't always money. If I want to donate a keyboard, or have free seeds I can donate to the community, I might go to "donate" in the sitemap. Once at the "donate" page, it speaks of contributing cash donations, but doesn't tell me anything about how I would donate physical things, skills, etc. I think this is a mistake. It can also lead to misunderstandings about The Transition and lead to confusion. The sharing of spaces, places, skills and objects could be one of the most valuable features of this website. But it is buried and hard to find.

    Official response from considering

  • Peer Counseling Service

    A peer counseling service for Transition supporters would be a good way to give supporters support and to generate enthusiasm for The Transition.

    Official response from considering

    How do you envision this being create/implemented?

  • App Arsenal

    What is the point of the page "Apo arsenal"? There is only a list of items here but no real content, as far as I can see. Wouldn't it be better to delete this page until there are actual items to be listed?

    Official response from started

    It is a work in progress section of the site. Some apps are currently listed, but not many since very few have been submitted via the Suggestion Box.

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