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I support The Transition because: the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!

I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.


Intentional Community Preference: Income Sharing, Egalitarian


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Personality Test Results:

The 5 Love Languages: 

  • 7 Words of Affirmation
  • 6 Acts of Service
  • 6 Physical Touch
  • 6 Receiving Gifts
  • 5 Quality Time

The 5 Languages of Apology/ When Sorry Isn't Enough:

  • 6 Expressing Regret
  • 5 Accept Responsibility
  • 5 Genuinely Repent
  • 4 Make Resitituition
  • 0 Request Forgiveness

Strengths Finder 2.0 (Top 5 Results):

  • Connectedness
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection

How The World Sees You Result:

  • The Veiled Strength

  • Website in gerenal

    it is too verbose, with a lot of information and burocratically sending the user all around. I suggest a simplified, step by step guide for each type of user (new comers, participants, etc)


    Official response from incomplete

    You can provide specific recommendations in a detailed Google Doc to your Point Person.

  • Response to request for feedback

    This is in response to a request that we each leave one suggestion in the suggestion box. I still don't think the action plan section of the website is mobile friendly. The boxes are tiny on my cell phone, and they can't distinguish between a "clicking the box" touch, and a scrolling touch. Improving these problems would definitely help with my ability to use the website.

    Official response from started

  • Emails

    The ability for The Transition team members to send emails to supporters and contributors - either automatic emails or manually produced emails, is extremely important. It would be helpful to be able to send emails between The Transition members and from members to Transition Team members via The Transition site, as well. However, there is a tendency to overdo emails - so it is important that automatic emails are kept to a very minimum.

    Official response from started

    Agreed. We submitted this issue to Nationbuilder, but need your help to make it a priority for them

  • Foot Fungus

    On The Transition page "" coconut oil as an effective method of treating foot fungus, by applying it like hand lotion to the afflicted parts, should be mentioned.

    Official response from planned

  • Other solutions for sinus infections

    In addition to the instructions on The Transition page "", there needs to be mention of the practice of sinus irrigation, or, in other words, the use of netty pots, as extremely effective treatment for sinus infections and the prevention of sinus infections, as well as other respiratory infections and allergic reactions.

    Official response from submitted

    New copy based content for the site can be written in Google Doc format and submitted to your Point Person to be added to the site.

  • Honey as an alternative to antibiotics

    On The Transition page "", honey could be included as a means of preventing infections in wounds.

    Official response from planned

  • The holographic universe.

    5 videos that show why scientists today claim that the universe is a hologram.

    Official response from considering

  • Price quotes for solar hot water

    On the page for Solar Hot Water,, there is a table giving price quotes for two different sized solar hot water heating systems. Any such price quotes need to be dated - a date should be stated when these prices were in effect. Since solar energy has dropped in cost/price, it is possible these prices are no longer accurate. When any price is given, the date when this price is in effect should be given - for anything, not just solar hot water systems - as prices fluctuate over time. What is a valid price today may not be valid tomorrow. Without a date being given, the reader has no idea whether the prices given are currently valid.

    Official response from started

  • A description is needed

    On The Transition page, "" a description of what a CSA is and how it works is needed.

    Official response from planned

  • Need for a page to buy/sell/trade/give away/or offer shares on livestock and small animals

    Under The Transition page, ", there needs to be a page or a reference to a section of The Transition classifieds for supporters to buy, sell, give away, or offer livestock and other small animals on a share or other basis. A share program needs to be developed.

    Official response from planned

    Buy/Sell will be under the Micro Jobs store, but we currently do not have enough volunteers to work on that project. The give away is under objects. We will work on offerings for livestock as a separate page.

  • Seed Exchanges

    Under The Transition page "Food Production",, there needs to be a page on seed exchanges. The Transition needs to have our own seed exchange, where supporters can offer and request seeds (on a free if you ask basis (?) ) from other supporters. Other plant stocks could be included, such as seedling trees, bulbs, etc. This would be in addition to a listing of known seed exchanges, places to look for seed exchanges, places that offer free seeds (and under what situations/conditions and suggestions regarding how to set up a local seed exchange.

    Official response from completed

    Seeds can be offered under objects and seed exchange will be developed for the missions section. For now, users can use Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE).

  • Flyer templates link is broken

    also it says "The appendix of this handbook will have hyperlinks that lead to various recruiting flyer templates " but there is no such appendix

    Official response from planned

  • Information is buried in the Website.

    In order to find other people, shared skills and objects, people need to go to "connect" ( and then to "find other nearby supporters". Then they can find free wi-fi, other supporters, shared objects, etc. This information needs to be more easily accessible. Also, when people think of "donate" it isn't always money. If I want to donate a keyboard, or have free seeds I can donate to the community, I might go to "donate" in the sitemap. Once at the "donate" page, it speaks of contributing cash donations, but doesn't tell me anything about how I would donate physical things, skills, etc. I think this is a mistake. It can also lead to misunderstandings about The Transition and lead to confusion. The sharing of spaces, places, skills and objects could be one of the most valuable features of this website. But it is buried and hard to find.

    Official response from considering

  • Peer Counseling Service

    A peer counseling service for Transition supporters would be a good way to give supporters support and to generate enthusiasm for The Transition.

    Official response from considering

    How do you envision this being create/implemented?

  • App Arsenal

    What is the point of the page "Apo arsenal"? There is only a list of items here but no real content, as far as I can see. Wouldn't it be better to delete this page until there are actual items to be listed?

    Official response from started

    It is a work in progress section of the site. Some apps are currently listed, but not many since very few have been submitted via the Suggestion Box.

  • Improving Education (part 4)

    Every student, parent, and teacher must be involved in student data analysis and goal strategies. Assessments are only to be used as tools to make any missed material visible, gather information about each child’s skills and interests, and tailor goals and remediation to each individual student. Each student team creates an individualized learning plan. Goals must be reasonable and frequently updated. A student can reflect on what is personally fulfilling, celebrate their strengths, make plans for improving weaknesses, and implement it.
    If schools were to increase in complexity and student involvement, education scores would naturally increase, particularly when students are engaged. There is a difference between rote memorization disconnected from life, and that of application and strategic reasoning. Children want to know why they need to learn something. We all want the next generation to understand methods in planning, problem-solving, and decision-making; having their true potentials realized. Human potential is worth so much more than profit.

    Ideas gathered from:
    The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto
    Schools in Finland
    Alternative Education Methods like Waldorf, Montessori, and Sudbury
    Psychologist Gabor Mate

    Resources for Alternative Methods
    (part 4)

    Official response from considering

  • Improving Education (part 3)

    In our society, all facets are interrelated- each issue is both a cause and effect. Poverty, stress, physical/ emotional violence, societal alienation, broken relationships, poor education/literacy skills, and more are in a connected web. Amidst this chaos, institutions mistakenly focus on behavior management, all the while damaging mental and emotional health. Enforcing oppressive regulations will not get to the root to the problem- damaged minds and hearts.
    There is real suffering in our society’s children. “About one kid in five in my experience is in acute torment from the intimidation of peers, maybe more are driven to despair by the indifference of official machinery. And for every one broken by intimidation, another breaks himself just to get through the days, months, and years ahead.” (Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto)
    Both children and teachers often burn out within, or soon after the first three years, because they can’t tolerate the atmosphere of indifference. A first grader often changes from having a bright attitude of goodwill to a fourth grader who has a more negative demeanor. A one-size-fits-all education, where popularity is all-important and independent thought is stamped out, is an environment hostile to learning.
    Our children must be considered holistically to fully equip them for adulthood. Cohesive social outreach groups offer hope that strengthens communities, with real world ways to solve problems, connect with others, and share interests and creativity. The greatest poverty preventer is working together to be more self-reliant as a community in an atmosphere of comradery. We can set up neighborhood agriculture, cooperatives, volunteer groups, and wholesale buying clubs.
    Children should not grow up to question their own abilities, have mindless ready-made pathways (robots who “follow instructions”), nor be abandoned emotionally. They must learn to be confident, self-directing, and encouraged by the community. Children are not blank slates, but persons with their own thoughts and feelings who are eager to help, receive positive feedback, and feel belonging.
    Curriculum planners could begin by thinking of important adult proficiencies, then imagine if they were in the student’s place what would make a learning experience more enjoyable. Competency suggestions (but not limited to): being self-aware, responsibility to one’s community, civilized speech practice, problem solving, planning, decision-making, entrepreneur skills, technology, building and repair basics, self-directed interest projects, learning from any local workplace, how to cooperate with nature, grow food, prepare food, clean up, express arts and music, physical well-being, and more.
    There should never be homework in any grade, except if (student) desired on engaging projects, because minds can get overloaded, stressed, and thus lose effectiveness. We must relinquish grading, including graded tests. There is no need for children to be subjected to frequent doses of stress hormones, adding fuel to low self-confidence and self-worth. Because of the complexity of “intelligence”, it is impossible to accurately rate it with grades and opinion.
    Ages 10-14 should have plentiful “taste-testing” opportunities to know themselves and what they enjoy. Each student 15 and older should have increasing independent projects of passion, frequent mentoring (teaching younger children) responsibilities, apprenticeships, community service, and other experiences to get real world skills and confidence. They should be guided to be well-equipped for adult life, filling resumes not gradebooks.
    (part 3)

    Official response from considering

  • Improving Education (part 2)

    In 1840, before school was required by law, only 1 out of 579 people were illiterate. Between 1852 and 1918, universal public education law was enacted in the United States, which made attendance compulsory. School was planned with the logic of the Prussian military and the new industrial corporate economy, aligning with the production potential of fossil fuel, machinery, and exploitable human labor. The new institution of school resembled the cotton mill, railroad, and even prison.
    Since the mandatory school was enacted, literacy and intelligence has decreased. In World War II, academic tests at military registration offices were given, and literacy was at 96%. By the Korean War, just 10 years later, literacy had dropped to 81%. Then during the Vietnam War, literacy fell to 73%. This drop was far too quick to be related to genetic factors, it was the beginning of planned ignorance.
    Our education system was intended to create docile workers, encourage dependence on authority, control opinions, limit critical thought, and cause people to seek relief by buying more. Two birds with one stone, effectively strengthening the political state and the profits of corporations.
    How can our country claim freedom when all people live in constant vigilance to keep their job? How can we be free if standing against the harm from the political and corporate state causes a fear of punishment, social alienation, and a lack of assistance? A slave is reliant upon the master, and we must have hierarchy no more.
    If we desire bullying in schools to end, we must notice the damage done by criticism and labeling we collectively accept as normal. If we want school violence to stop, we must look carefully at everyday domination on all levels (hierarchy everywhere) that is modeled before them. Common destructive attitudes- such rating a person’s value or labeling people- plants seeds for even more destruction.
    Did you know that if you look in a thesaurus at “destructive” it says “fatal, toxic, suicidal”, and synonyms for “constructive” include “positive, effective, and useful”? Wouldn’t we rather attract positive useful solutions, instead of the collective toxic disapproval of anyone not meeting certain “factory-like” standards? If all expectations are perfectionist, how can anyone possibly expect to receive approval and acceptance themselves? We are choosing connection malnourishment and social suicide by judging each other! Could we choose to honor every life and reduce suffering, while letting go of the belief “people deserve their fate”?
    Even better, could we have a heterarchy? A heterarchy is where every person is valued in a connected system, and each could be called upon to lead depending on the situation at hand and the experience of the person. No one is an expert at everything. Every person has a right to learn how they can help and get positive feedback. The main goal of school should be to help each student to find the gift inside them that they can feel good about. The oppressive rules of hierarchy are discarded, and responsibilities could be discussed as a group. We could do this from the bottom up, eventually limiting government hierarchy.
    (part 2)

    Official response from considering

  • Improving Education (part 1)

    Society, including public school, teaches us that human value is scarce. Competition, rating, sorting, labeling, along with ready-made, commercially-prepared opinions/facts to consume and memorize. Why have a McDonald’s education and media? Our workplaces and schools instill an atmosphere of purposelessness, anxiety, boredom, unquestioned compliance, envy, and more.

    We spend their first few years of life teaching them to walk and talk, and the rest of their life telling them to sit down and shut up. Most of us, including children, are confined almost every day and forced into following a path they did not choose. It is impossible to enlighten a mind without the student’s desire to understand. Our system is the opposite of discovery- it is the atrophy of critical thought!

    Would we not rather children to grow up understanding human nature, skilled in speech and manners, understanding their role in benefiting the community, being confident and resourceful to initiate projects, having competence in a talent, with ability to collaborate, enact creative solutions, and reflect on results? People who have grown to recognize their caliber in this way cannot fit into the “well adjusted” cogs of a caste. Recognizing human potential is the opposite of a ranked social/financial class system!

    What are the most common jobs available in the current workforce? Jobs in retail and cashier, food prep and service, janitorial, office and customer service, stocking and freight labor, personal care, nurse assistant, nurse, ect. With the exception of a nurse, most are often lower income and lower “class”. It takes a $50,000 annual wage to be able to afford necessities. Do not these people deserve to have basic needs like food, shelter, and transportation? Big businesses get rich off of exploiting low paid workers, and those they cheat are held in contempt socially. Low paying jobs account for a large percentage (at least 25%-50% of work available), so statistically speaking, competing for who gets exploited to what degree is hurting all of us!

    Some wonder who will do these jobs if everyone is well-educated? Let’s think outside the box corporations made for us. Why not everyone take turns stocking shelves, picking orders, delivering, preparing and serving the food, cleaning up, data entry, phone answering, or caring for those that need it? Wouldn’t it be better if each of us served each other a short time each month, than these people forced to suffer doing menial labor they dislike every day and still live in poverty? If someone’s got to do it, why can’t it be every able-bodied person (or even better- be automated if possible)? And instead of being exploited by corporations, we could have cooperative businesses or another collaborative method that benefits all involved.
    (part 1)

    Official response from considering

  • Non Violent communication audio issue

    Talk 2 - a portion of audio is corrupted during part at end about baptist shooter at end i.e. skips a few words.

    Official response from completed

    This is not our video we can do nothing about this issue.

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