I do not have new expectations, I'm keeping an open mind!

1. I feel like your organization can help navigate the many pitfalls that can plague starting a New Paradigm. To shift away from the old paradigm, reevaluating old belief systems, patterns, and changing them requires much work, more than what others expect. I hope this comprehensive process can show unique ways to ease the transition. 2. I plan to check/work daily, at the worst, weekly. 3. I'm confused with the question but I will answer this: I expect to give my all in my areas of expertise and providing as much as I can to help the Transition. I expect the Transition to help in areas that I have no knowledge or to provide unique connection, solutions, or examples of how to help achieve a more sustainable world. 4. I expect to be a team player for many years if it helps others see and act towards creating a better future. 5. I expect that most of projects started have to have grassroots beginnings where a few people share what that they can and see where the missing resources are to start small-scale projects that are profitable enough to expand the existing project or create another similarly profitable project. I do not know the funding system of the Transition but I would not ask for funding unless I had a plan that was well-developed by members of the Transition. 7. I expect this site to help both professionally and personally, whether it be connecting business connections towards creating sustainable businesses/projects, or leading to gurus/ceremonies, or healers that have solutions to emotional, physical, or spiritual problems. 8. Yes of course. 9. I am always altering my behaviors, mindset, and activities to align with the path of least harm but with the most amount postive transformation. I see the Transition aligned with this goal so yes. 10. I dunno, I expect a waiting time of around a week. 11. I do feel like it is reasonable, maybe slightly ambitious, but I'm easy-going so I keep my expectations pretty wide.

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