Get Trained

Inform Yourself About What is Taking Place

It is very clear that there is a lot taking place on the planet right now. A powerful way to begin knowing where we want to go and what we want to create is by understanding where we are at and what is going on with the consciousness shift taking place across the whole planet. There are so many resources out there right now that are sharing valuable information, including what we do at The Transition and we try to make this site a central hub for that type of positive activity. Once we know what is going on, we can begin taking the next step. We’re dedicated to acquiring high-quality talent at every level—from recruiting and creating trained activists who become skilled organizers, to developing the skills of our Transition Inter-Community Network

-Pick up skills and training needed for the transition at your own pace via our Contributor Handbook.

Learn more about The Transition through our official Youtube channel (which has hours of lectures, presentations and tutorials), so you can be educated when talking about the transition to other people that might be interested.

Purchase or borrow a copy of our various titles found on our recommended reading list to strengthen your understanding about what we are working towards.

- Review our Classifieds section and see if there is a role you can fulfill.

Start an Intentional Community or Co-op

By starting an intentional Community or Co-op you are setting the stepping stones for a brighter future for all of us. We are always looking for motivated, skilled and experienced crew. If you think you belong in this type of a setting, please connect with local members near you and get the ball rolling! There is no single way to establish an intentional community or co-op business that inspires social change. There are various models available of things that work, The Transition works to bring you the tried and true and peer tested "blueprints" so we can be efficient and effective in reaching global vision.

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