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I support The Transition because our world is currently moving in a very dangerous direction and that direction needs to be modified for the benefit of everyone rather than a few.

  • Put_Location_with_Charts


    Official response from incomplete

    Hi Chante, Can you rephrase your suggestion?  We are having a hard time understanding what it is you would like to have changed.

  • MAJOR Problems with Safari

    Hello. The several times I used your site, I tried it with my native Apple Safari. It was horrible. Links would kick me out to the logon page. Pages would only partially display or not display at all. I could not "Check" the Check mark boxes on my action plan. It really seemed like a poorly developed and very broken website. My wife tried it and had the same experience. It was not until I tried the website in Google Chrome, that everything seemed to work much better. I still cannot link to Facebook and receive an error about a security violation that is preventing it.
    You REALLY need to put a BIG warning at the top of the page that says this website in either NOT Apple Safari compatible or is optimized for Google Chrome or something to that effect.

    Official response from considering

    Thanks for reporting the issue.  At this time we don't have a Mac to check Safari.  At a later time we may look into fixing this, but don't plan on fixing it right now.  Feel free to use Chrome of Firefox to view the site.


    Facebook is known to block our links for no good reason.  We have tried to get Facebook to unblock them, but haven't had much luck.

  • moving the Action plan to the top of the page

    I understand that the text befor the actual action plan is important to read, but only once.
    It's not ergonomic to have to scroll all the way down each time

    Official response from completed

    There is now a quick link at the top of the Your Action Plan that will jump you right down to the action plan.  You can also bookmark the anchored link:

  • Travel consistency

    When I click on a link while not connected, it asks me to sign in. When I sign in, it should then bring me to to the page I clicked on in the first time instead of the home page.

    Official response from started

    This is a known issue with Nationbuilder.  We have filed a defect which can be found here:

  • Change of Mission

    The Transition needs to change from a lofty headspace website to a practical "Hands on" organization.

    we (the collective of "awakened") don't need another "teaching website" telling us what must be done, asking for pledges without making the first step themselves.

    One huge issue thats stopping the "awakened" from acting is the chains of need.

    We all need Food, Water, Clothes, Tools, Housing that without a safetynet, can only be acquired via money.

    What "The Transition" needs to be is THE place to go for key resources.

    The Transition needs to acquire local storage/depots to allow US the volunteer's space to acquire resources that form the safety net!

    If we had free local storage we could set up resources banks, that's set up to be free to the point of need...

    This isn't charity shops.. the resources won't be sold for money or shipped to far-flung locations away from the people that need them...

    With local free storage. We can set up

    Transition FOOD BANKS (Not Trussel trust food banks that are restricted by the government and means tested to prevent its use) but FOOD BANKS that serve the people.. we donate the food and the food is checked, washed and then is Free to the point of need for the public that needs it.

    WATER BANKS (The Transition should approach land owners that have access to clean water sources, and use the water for free if (TT) supplies the storage and transport to the depots.

    CLOTHES BANKS... again instead of donating clothes to a charity that sells the clothes, the clothes are checked and washed and then is available to the public for free.

    TOOLS BANKS ... equipment is donated, checked, and refurbished/fixed and then is free to the point of need. (if people know that TOOLS are readily available .. they wouldn't need to store/own tools.. the tools can be donated once no longer needed)

    HOUSING/Shelter .. abandoned property that's been left to ruin can be repaired and redecorated and then OCCUPIED by the transition for use...

    For emergency housing, tents and shelters can be acquired on transition owned land.

    The safety net should be the Transitions NUMBER ONE GOAL for the first 10 years.

    Mr Damion Turner.



    Official response from completed

    Everything you have stated about the chain of needs, Food Banks Water Banks etc. is what we are hoping our BUDS will create within each area where there is a gathering of people that want to bring about the Transition to a resource based economy. Our site is here to help guide people to such groups and for those groups to advertise what they are doing. The Transition has the potential to be THE place to go for key resources if people came together and entered their information into our website. We have pages dedicated to finding people with certain skills (, finding objects (, spaces ( or even just other contributors ( that might be in your area.

  • A description of the different types of free food is needed

    On The Transition page, the form to enter locations has a spot where different types of free food is indicated. A description of each of those different types of free food is needed.

    Official response from incomplete

    The items on the free food page are fairly self explanatory. Are there any particular items on there that you feel needs to have a further description on what it is?

  • Add "surplus" to the "type" category of free food offered.

    On The Transition page, "", there is a place to enter "Locations". When filling out this form, it asks for "type". I would suggest adding "surplus" to the list of different types of food offered. I entered the surplus eggs I always have every spring, but the different "type" categories don't match. I entered it under "grocery samples", as I thought that was the closest, but it really doesn't describe farm surplus food available on a seasonal basis. Perhaps an "Other" as a type, instead of or in addition to "Surplus" or "Farm/Producer Surplus"?

    Official response from completed

    For "Surplus" food, you can use the "Food is Free" option.

  • Share programs

    Share programs for The Transition contributors would be a valuable service to The Transition community. Shares can be a share of animal products or shares of land or services. A person who currently holds something physical of value gives it to another person or group of people in exchange for either a share of the proceeds - as in a share of a harvest - or for services, such as assistance in maintaining a physical building, or for personal assistance or personal care.

    Official response from incomplete

    What you are describing is the purpose of BUDs. Users can already post their spaces/objects onto those respective pages and try to find others who are willing to trade if that is what they want to do. Is there something additional that you would like to see?

  • Need for a page to buy/sell/trade/give away/or offer shares on livestock and small animals

    Under The Transition page, ", there needs to be a page or a reference to a section of The Transition classifieds for supporters to buy, sell, give away, or offer livestock and other small animals on a share or other basis. A share program needs to be developed.

    Official response from planned

    Buy/Sell will be under the Micro Jobs store, but we currently do not have enough volunteers to work on that project. The give away is under objects. We will work on offerings for livestock as a separate page.

  • Seed Exchanges

    Under The Transition page "Food Production",, there needs to be a page on seed exchanges. The Transition needs to have our own seed exchange, where supporters can offer and request seeds (on a free if you ask basis (?) ) from other supporters. Other plant stocks could be included, such as seedling trees, bulbs, etc. This would be in addition to a listing of known seed exchanges, places to look for seed exchanges, places that offer free seeds (and under what situations/conditions and suggestions regarding how to set up a local seed exchange.

    Official response from completed

    Seeds can be offered under objects and seed exchange will be developed for the missions section. For now, users can use Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE).

  • Problem with the "Connect" page.

    When people go from the menu item "Take Action", to "Connect" (, the items listed on the site map under "Connect" should be listed, along with the web addresses, or else a link to those pages. Currently, in order to find Free WiFi, Spaces, Skills. Objects and Buds, a person has to go to "Find nearby contributors". Going to "Find nearby contributors" actually takes you to "Find nearby supporters" rather than "contributors" which is a little confusing. And finding the Free WiFi, Spaces, Skills,Objects, and Buds listings are located below "Find nearby supporters." This makes them very difficult to locate. On the sitemap, they are listed under "Connect", and it seems they should be located - or instructions on how to find them should be located, on the "Connect" page ( Since they are not listed on this page, I find myself having to go to the sitemap and scrolling through it to find them. This is frustrating and time consuming.

    Official response from completed

    The sitemap shows the Free Wifi, Spaces etc are listed under Find Nearby Supporters; not directly under Connect. I have updated the Connect page to correctly read as Find Nearby Supporters instead of Contributors. You can always use ctrl+f (search feature) of browsers while on the sitemap page to quickly find the item that you want to go to. You can also use the navigation at the top of every page to go to Take Action -> Connect. Then when on Connect the green buttons at the top of the page can take you to Find Nearby Supporters and then again the green buttons can take you to Free Wifi, Spaces etc.


    I see the marker for my farm as having free WiFi on the map but the marker shows Hillsboro, WI, and this is not the correct location. How does one move the marker to the correct location?

    Official response from completed

    You would have to update the location to the address that you want to use.

  • Free WiFi

    Tried to add my home/farm address as a place that has free WiFi, on the map but could not enter it. How do you make new entries on the map?

    Official response from submitted

    Looks like you were able to figure it out. The steps to create a new item are as follows. Navigate to the free wifi page here: . Then in the box for Free wifi entered by me, click on Add. Then enter all the details. After entering the location, click on another field in the form and wait a few seconds for the geocoding service to lookup the address. If there are no error messages after a few seconds then you can click on save. Refreshing the page or using the refresh icon under the map should allow your new item to be loaded onto the map and displayed.

  • Free WiFi

    Tried to enter the Lawton Public Library, at 118 N Bird Street, La Farge WI 54639; Telephone number 608-625=2015 but was told location could not be found. Apparently it doesn't like the town La Farge!

    Official response from completed

    I tried out adding something from La Farge WI and didn't have any issues. However, I have noticed that the map won't geocode the address if you try to save the form directly after adding the address. For now, before saving the form be sure to click outside the location field so that the geocoding service can lookup the address before the form is saved. We are currently investigating a fix for this issue.

  • Spaces

    When adding spaces, the privacy indicators are not appropriate for some of the categories. For instance, when talking about land, it isn't exactly appropriate to say a private room, entire place, or a shared room. It doesn't seem to apply. The same when speaking of a RV/Caravan/Motor Home hook up - private or shared room doesn't really apply.

    Official response from incomplete

    What privacy indicators would you like to have available for those types?

  • Spaces - Trying to put a space on the spaces map

    Tried to put a bed/couch, and a RV, Motor home, camper on the spaces map, but could not figure out how to do it. How do you enter an icon, like bed/couch, land or caravan/RV/Motor Home on the map?

    Official response from completed

    I have updated the spaces page to also show your spaces on the map; previously it would only display other member's spaces. The icon will be chosen based on your selection of the 'Space Type'.

  • My Skills

    Forms won't allow us to add skills which aren't already listed e.g. eLearning I can't add under Education with hyphen (as directed to). System shows a red box indicating error 'Form is invalid' Pls allow users to create new / sub categories pls.

    Official response from completed

    Users can already add new skills by using the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the field. In the popup from clicking that icon, you can add as many skills as you want.

  • Free WiFi

    I tried to enter the Lawton Memorial Public Library as a place with free WiFi, but I could not add an entry. I was told the location was not in the correct format. I put in La Farge, WI, but apparently that is not correct. I don't know how to enter it. Tried to put a marker on the map, but it wouldn't let me do that either.

    Official response from started

    Try clicking on another field in the form after entering the location. There is currently an issue if you try to save the form before the geocoding service looks up the location where the location won't be added to the map properly. We are investigating the issue.

  • Contributor Businesses

    I tried to enter my farm on the page, Contributor Businesses, but I wasn't allowed to do so. I got an error message, saying the location was incorrect. I tried several ways of putting in the location: the address, just the state, the state and town, etc. but no matter what I put, it would not accept it.

    Official response from completed

    Try clicking on another field in the form after entering the location. There is a known issue with directly clicking on save before allowing the geocoding service to function.

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