Our Charter

We hold these truths to be self evident:

  1. We can provide protection for this planet and its inhabitants, both present and future. a_photo_of_a_women_posing-scopio-64acdc3a-8b1e-4503-82a0-407e1a86deaf.jpg
  2. We can provide the necessities of a healthy, happy life to all people.
    1. Freedom from dangerous pollutants
    2. Secure, comfortable housing
    3. Healthy, nutritious, abundant food
    4. Liberty for self-fulfillment, barring unfair abuse of others
  3. We can provide social equality to all people.
    1. The finite resources of earth (land, air, water, etc.) must be held in common, and not owned for any private interest.
    2. All use of finite resources must be kept in balance with nature, favoring a restorative approach so that the resources will be available for all future generations.
    3. Community development must prioritize the provision of secure, local access to goods and services so that no person or community becomes dependent on another for basic necessities.


If you live your life by this same moral compass




Inspired by: A Photo of a Woman Posing

Contributor: German Matviuk

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