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I support The Transition because: the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!

I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.


Intentional Community Preference: Income Sharing, Egalitarian


My Personal Reading List (All the books I am currently reading right now)


My Wish List  (Want to send me a THANK YOU gift? This is my wish list!)


Personality Test Results:

The 5 Love Languages: 

  • 7 Words of Affirmation
  • 6 Acts of Service
  • 6 Physical Touch
  • 6 Receiving Gifts
  • 5 Quality Time

The 5 Languages of Apology/ When Sorry Isn't Enough:

  • 6 Expressing Regret
  • 5 Accept Responsibility
  • 5 Genuinely Repent
  • 4 Make Resitituition
  • 0 Request Forgiveness

Strengths Finder 2.0 (Top 5 Results):

  • Connectedness
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection

How The World Sees You Result:

  • The Veiled Strength

  • Consensus

    The big problem with consensus is when consensus is not reached. What do you do then?

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  • System of delegates

    When decision making becomes too cumbersome a system of delegates can arrive at the best result for everyone.

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    Is this a statement? A suggestion? Are you trying to correct a typo on a page?

  • Debbie Evershed

    Join with New Earth Nation who are doing this and are very effective and have the bluprint and are actualizing and expanding it Now See Sacha Stone founder of Humanitad, New Earth Nation and the ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice...

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    Please provide an introduction. Contact your Point Person in order to set this up.

  • Pay what you can models of sales and exchange.

    Information and research on effective pay as you can models of sales and/or exchanges would be helpful.

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  • Income generation.

    There is nothing much in this section. There are plenty of ways to make money as well as save money. Ask me.

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    Yes, we know it is a section we have yet to develop in much detail at this time as other parts of the website have been asked to be developed in more detail as a priority. If you would like to share your expertise please draft "How-To" type material in Google docs format and submit to The Transition via the Contact Us section of the site.

  • communities with ecological footprints to include

    with data probably available:

    Dancing Rabbit

    Twin Oaks

    perhaps no data:

    Fellowship Community, Spring Valley, NY

    Also, some other factors to investigate: longevity of the community as a whole; turnover rate; happiness index; food security. Thanks for collecting this data, this is vital and helpful.

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    We have the FIC's printed directory and do intend to get this type of data from as many ICs and groups as possible, but due to our team size it will be a slow process. Our primary focus is on those that attend and are part of the Twin Oaks Communities Conference ( as we make connections and develop relationships there where trust is gained and our intentions are seen as pure as they are. To gather this data takes a lot of relationship building within the IC community movement.

  • bar graph and apples-to-apples comparison for case studies

    would be nice to see the comparisons visually, by category: embodied energy (foodprint), electricity, heat, and transportation.

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    This section is still under development and work in progress we will keep this in mind.

  • usability and redundancy continued

    Another example of where you can win more hearts and minds through usability--I heard you bemoaning that someone would be so foolish as not to turn their phone sideways to see your website. It may seem obvious, but if someone hasn’t yet thought of it, then it's not obvious. It's only obvious in hindsight. So, the best tactical response is to put a little message saying "having trouble viewing this page? if you're viewing it on your phone, have you tried turning your phone sideways? if that doesn't work, have you tried changing your phone's settings?” It may seem stupid but hindsight is 20-20, foresight is a blank. It’s not stupidity, it’s a matter of perspective and self-organizing perception.

    Technology can be the bane of these efforts, but keeping things as simple as possible helps.

    2--I'd like to see somewhere on the site a brief description of 'why this site is different from other organizing efforts that didn't work, and what in particular it's taken from the best of what has been done.’” That would give me a lot of motivation to focus more on out of other priorities I have in my life.

    2a don’t assume I”m not already doing something, actively, to change the world, to move to the new paradigm. Some of the language assumes that I’m not doing X because I’m afraid. That may be true in part, but it’s nicer to have the things I _AM_ already doing in spite of their non-comfortability acknowledged as valid. It’s less disruptive and conduces to clarity.

    3--I have other resources, little-known and underutilized, for carrying out and managing a project, and I'd be glad to share them if you want.

    4--Lastly, "become a contributor" is emphasized a bit sooner and more than seems necessary or beneficial. Put your expenses out there on the site--be explicit about what you need, and people will rise to the occasion and derive great satisfaction from meeting your need. Askf or what you really need, don’t under-ask; ask for a healthy amount of money r other resources that can support you in comfort so you can do your job. But don’t focus on the money as a primary thing, or even asking for alternative currency contributions. Emphasize the "take action" part of how people can contribute (as you, Nicole, did in our conversation). Also, instead of "become a contributor" you might label it something like "what the Transition organization needs to do its job.”

    5—for things that your site doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel on, might you partner with other websites or web communities?

    I think it's a pretty great thing you're attempting here; I certainly think the part of your work where you went to Twin Oaks and connected deeply and authentically with other people is of genuine value. I

    I hope this is helpful. My two cents, take what you like and leave the rest.

    In community,


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    Regarding 2. We actually have that already in the FAQ section have you checked that section out? Here is the specifc FAQ for your point: For 2a can you give specific links to the pages and phrases you are referencing? 3. Can you provide that info in a Google doc and send it to the Contact Us page or your Point Person?

  • Usability and redundancy

    Hey Nicole and John,

    Joshua here from Twin Oaks/Communities Conference. It was great to meet you and I appreciate the focus and dedication you’re exercising in the work you’re doing. It looks like a promising contribution to the global efforts and an improvement over some past platforms.

    I'm just sharing some initial impressions about your site from having spent many 2 hours with it, and perhaps these things are not relevant or questions get answered later on, but the impressions are fresh and I may not visit the site again, the future is unknown. I share this also because I've seen many of these kinds of things come and mostly go, for a while, and have a sense of a larger vision that matches yours, I believe.

    1. website usability--if you haven't read Paul Krugman's _Don't Make Me Think_, it's worth reading. It points out how much can get lost in the layout of a website. There are a few places on the site where I felt I got lost or frustrated, and started to give up on exploring the website. I will try to be more specific if I can remember, but you may need to do an actual usability test to really find these places--that is, have a naive subject use the site while you observe and see what they click on.

    I may have been an unusual case since you, Nicole, told me to go to "take action" first, so I had a weird experience of sharing all of my list of skills and knowledge without much idea of what was going to happen with the information. But that was a pretty good place to start.

    Another thing that had my energy go down was a separate page of "about" and "our mission"--I would want just one page I can clearly start with that's the introduction to everything.

    I was really, really, really, really glad that you said you'd talked with _multiple_ people who had decades of experience in the fields they worked in, and that you were going to get it right this time. A list of groups that seem, on the face of it, not to have gotten it right or not to have had much momentum, despite being wonderful in their insight, intent, and potential:'s new global connector project (I lost momentum with that after a few months); (never heard from anyone on it); or something like that (managed to connect with only one gardener who was too rigid to work with); meetup (the permaculture community and the food forest in Boston have ceased having work days or community pot lucks or gatherings of peers and just have classes now) and the old practice of throwing a block party to get neighbors together (it rained, hardly anyone came, maybe it will lead to something down the road but it was not making much of a difference. I am pretty tired and burned out with all of this. I need to be selfish and take care of myself at this point in whatever else I do. Being at Twin Oaks fed me. Being on often feeds me. Being on sites that attempt to link people for organizing—so far not so much. So--I hope that what you've learned from these other people's experience is really going to make things better. So far, the jury’s out. I haven't heard from anyone on asking me to share a skill or inviting me to a pot luck or anything (it’s been a week—my attention span is pretty short), and I do live in Granola Central--Somerville, MA—so, as I said, I’m not blown away yet, but jury’s still out.


    Official response from started

    Thanks for the resources will look into them more in depth as part of my teamwork. You need to work through the phases on Your Action Plan ( before you get more engaged with any BUDs or local projects. We are still in the process of migrating our large network over from Facebook to here. With The Transition you can only expect to get something out of it if you put something in, we are based off of Stone Soup principles 9 so you will only see change in your personal life and circumstances if you become part of the change you wish to see!

  • Jukebox suggestions

    Heal the world - Child Prodigy

    Hidden Ones - Missy Higgins

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    Please provide lyrics as well with Jukebox suggestions.

  • contribution

    Is pay pal the only way to contribute monthly donation?

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    At this time virtually online yes. However, some Contributors do send check or cash in the mail. If you are interested in this method please speak to your Point Person for further details.

  • On this page: I get kicked off by clicking on the links inside the paragraph: recruiting, trained activists,

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    Both the Recruiting and Trained Activists pages are Contributors( only page so you would need to be a member to see them. See also: &

  • The page asked for my suggestion.

    In the list of over 2,000 names who have completed the o seed task. it would be nice to see if my name is on the list. Where is the search for that list please?

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    Individuals are unable to see their own names because they know whether or not they have accomplished the task or phase. There is no search feature, but there is a feature that is present with an arrow at the top of the box to select in order to make the list alphabetized. 

  • Learn to Live and Live to Learn

    In response to Nicole's Q: If the Teacher was Life? A: At our high school over the main entrance, carved in stone, it says "Learn to Live and Live to Learn"

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  • Sociocracy

    It is both a meeting process method and an organizing method. Sociocracy corresponds most closely to our shared human nature and when done well keeps everyone contributing constructively.

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  • The Artificial Leaf

    Dan Nocera on YouTube search for Artificial Leaf

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