"We must become the change we want to see in the world."



The Problem:

You already know what the world's problems are. You face them everyday. 

Some of the ones that have the biggest impact are:

  • Degradation of the biosphere
  • Malaise of the economic system
  • Decline in human health
  • Growth of global poverty and inequality


What we have come to discover is that none of these issues are insular, they are in fact all interconnected. So, in order to fix these problems we must treat them holistically. We must outgrow the low image of the human being and the ruling idea of a meaningless, material world that is the dominant paradigm of industrial, collapsing societies.  All of us can adapt the key points of the emerging “new story” (it has actually been around from time immemorial) for our own use, and share them wherever we can to explain where we are heading.


The Solution:


We believe in living life well and making better choices.

That means avoiding choices that lead to negative impacts that are harmful to ourselves and our environment. Instead, we seek out sustainable methods for living and integrate them in our model for social change. Society is transforming and maturing, moving towards an era of more collaboration, connection, and contribution. Together our aim is to perpetuate and expand a society based on these values.

This website is about starting on a local scale, but acting with the intention of global change

to bridge the gap between our present times and a Global Egalitarian System. (Some examples of similar concepts or ideas are Economic Singularity, Resource Based Economy (RBE), Gifting Economy, and Ubuntu). An egalitarian society operates by meeting human needs as the first social priority, and transcends assorted social and civil as well as economic problems by lucidly grasping the difference between NEEDS and Wants. This is a scientific approach, rooted in the modern Pyramid of Needs, which builds on the work of Abraham Maslow, and Behavioral Psychology. The end result being worldwide shared assets and an intelligent infrastructure that serves and supports humanity who in turn become the caretakers of the Earth.

The aim of The Transition as a movement is to galvanize people into taking action, whether on a large or a small scale, with the goal of creating communities that model a local economy rooted in place, in well-being, in entrepreneurship, and in creativity.


 Take Action:

Together we are creating a worldwide movement launching as a planetary network of conscious intentional communities and co-op businesses.

We can end scarcity, injustice & inequality by  buying existing affordable properties or unifying pre-existing assets and businesses as well as create various new cottage industries. Contributors will work without a traditional wage or salary in these businesses (restaurants, markets etc.) and in return will receive a place to live where all utilities, food & transportation are paid for by the profits of the businesses and cottage industries. This is similar to Ubuntu's One Small Town proposal found in the video below, but it is much more developed and researched in the ways that are most effective in creating a fruitful outcome.

We plan to implement this philosophy of abundance, sharing, and cooperation

in which all goods and services are available to all community members without the use of money, "credits," barter or any other system of debt or servitude, into a reality for all to experience by having our Contributors following Our Plan.

To find out more please check out the following pages:

Our Mission

Our Charter

Our Vision

Our Values

Our Declaration of Interdependence

Our Plan

The Law

Our Trust


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Recommended Reading: Metta Center: What is a Road-map