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  • I would like it better if it said Evolution IS revolution.

  • This movie goes through the fabrication of our economic system. The debt based money. The non government Federal reserve and more.
    But Moving Forward is the best movie in the series for me. I hope they add that to the collection.

  • This seems to have the same footage as future by Design there may be some parts that are different but most of it is just a repeat so either one is good to send to people to get them interested in joining the transition.

  • I’m glad to see there is community with the other transition organization. I do wish people would indicate that their goal is to eliminate money and reach RBE. They don’t have to tell the press, but we need to tell each other. Putting RBE in your description somewhere would help. As it is I am going through every location on the website asking each location.

  • This video is a great introduction to what the whole concept of transitioning to Resource Based Economy is all about. It shows how Jacques really dreamed for the betterment of humanity. If you ask the right question: How can we do this for everybody? You get totally different answers than how can I make a profit?

  • The film was enjoyable enough. I still have some concerns about consciousness claims. The audio on the YouTube version is low you’ll need speakers or headphones.
    We have seen many videos about the problems I would like to see not just solutions but people putting those solutions in action BECAUSE they support RBE. I just have the sense that our numbers are small.

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  • In the definition of adultism:

    Would you consider adding to the definition - ,or having a higher power dictate rules of behavior that are unscientific, demonstrably false or beliefs of super natural or super human to solve our problems, or any beliefs unsubstantiated by science. I think this is needed (and ADULTISM seems a good word to cover all). This is needed because another -ism that divides us is religiosity. And that was not on the list, despite it being the first Zeitgeist movie. Currently there is a jump in the "consciousness" believers from practical practices such as meditation and calm/earthy environments to drugs can help you go to another dimension/talk to God's, aliens, or past dead. In addition the universe is alive because humans and every particle is alive so you can talk to the universe and hear what it is saying. Only if you extend the definitions IMHO.

  • Marcia Everett Expectations

    The site has provided a lot that can help us begin our journey. I only hope to not be alone for most of it. I expect the site to let me know that I'm not alone.

  • @Tammy I was planning to move to Missouri with Ivy Bickl Wanderers End. They are in the transition too. Can I research what you are doing and why to see if I might be a good fit? I intend to learn NVC, go off grid a.m.a.p.(much) build a sharelibrary. If there is space. I have revommendexcreating a non profit church model to acquire more land. An anti-pollution church. I’m on Facebook Marcia Everett

  • My playlist to attract people to Resource Based Economy

  • If you like this you’ll love 14 hours of TROM!!!!

  • We certainly need to MOVE but how? I think we need to rescue as much soil and land as we can. We need to own it so that developers can not continue to tear down trees. We need to hold it in trust or under a non-profit until we can turn it over to an RBE government. People are already caravaning from their countries where food and resources are scarce. Some due to not allowing these people to earn money, and some from pollution. LET’S MOVE!! Fill your yard with a food forest. Then come back for phase two.

  • Include Non profit work into the definition of Transitional Community

    I request that the term "TRANSITIONAL COMMUNITY" include people who gather together to work on projects to eliminate capitalism and detract from climate change. These people may perhaps create food forests through permaculture or grow food with hydroponics to give away, with the promise of volunteering in the future, or sell for very little thus undercutting the capitalist market. These people might also pool their tools inside a shed and create a "sharebrary" Where people can come and borrow a tool as they would a library book with the promise of volunteering in the future, or for a low membership monthly cost. Thereby undercutting the capitalist tool rental market. These people might also pool their money to buy land to save it from the destruction of real estate and commercial buildings and they would hold this land under a non profit until RBE was in practice at which time it could be released to the citizens of the world. Yes' this is a transitional community as well and I'm trying to empower it.

  • I want to add that this concept is another TYPE of TrANSITIONAL COMMUNITY. One that does not involve us “LIVING” in one place to conduct. Which I believe allows more people to contribute to its success. More than just those that “live” in an intentional community.

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  • Site Expectations: Unity and Harmony

    Unity and Harmony

    I only expect to be linked with people of like mind, who want to do something toward leaving capitalism and selfishness behind. People who want to live in harmony with their environment, and enjoy the things that nature has provided.

  • I think that this system of capitalism devalues the human. We are only as good as the amount of money we make. This system is also perfectly fine with some humans not having what they need. I never quite figured out what I was good at. I didn’t really know how. I went to school. I passed tests. I liked things. I didn’t know which things would make me successful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could try different things without worrying that picking the wrong thing will leave you in abject poverty? Wouldn’t it be great if unlike the video clip you didn’t have to sell out on your dream because of “responsibility”? Wouldn’t it be great if no one was hungry, homeless and hollow? I want to create easy to follow steps toward this MONEYLESS SOCIETY. Learning NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION, Learning physical skills such as carpentry and plumbing and electrical, and farming. I want to be in the BUD of tilling the soil.

  • WOW just WOW. I suggest we put all of these women mathematicians on a POSTER and hang them around the math classes in elementary schools. Encourage our future women.

Eco Village, Intentional Community, RBE, Non VIolent Communication, Consensus voting, Sexual Freedom and Sex Positive culture. This is what I want to be about. The transition can help me learn it.
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