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I support "The Transition" 

Because huge amounts of people are in deep suffering, either in hungry, illness or in other totally preventable and unacceptable ways, given our natural and intellectual resources such as science and technology.

Not like some other social movements, "the transition" actually promotes real effective actions in his member, not generic and scattered actions, but actions to be made day-by-day.


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    1. At the moment the only problem I have is to find a job in my areas of expertise. Since It has already been addressed and we couldn't find a solution, I don't feel it will be solve or resolve. 2. Monthly 3. I don't have any project 4. Neither of those 5. I don't have any project 6. Both 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. No 10. I don't know (I'm not a wizard) 11. I didn't made any expectation

  • Finished understand, hyperlink and correct minor orthographic errors in the TT web site. 1 hour spent.

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  • Psychology of control & State of Mind - Top Documentary

    I saw this documentary and it seemed very good to convey the idea of how we are educated (endoctrinated) to go with the herd, how great capital induces us to give individual and collective liberties and do other things that are detrimental to us and more, feeds the system. Among other this relates how people are lead by publicity and even propaganda to make people to get along with the economic and political agenda. The final part, is the most motivating I have seen so far to get them to leave this system giving ideas on how to do it and even fight it ... I think it's very good for the active people at The Transition to gain even more momentum, but mostly I think it's great to wake up people still inside the "Matrix", leading them to join us ...

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  • "Fed up" documentary (2014)

    Talks about the obesity problem, either in the point of view of the trouble the person has to loose weight and the corruption governments do in favour of letting these industries hide the amount of sugar such products have and let them explore cafeterias in schools and other public facilities... :'(

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  • Documentary

    I've seen this documentary and I find it very pertinent to educate people to leave religious or paranormal beliefs and start to realise that logic and science is more valid and trustful:

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Nuno Sousa
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I'm a 5 year couse Electronic Engineer, I've had 4 experiences as a software developer and 3 years as a teacher and trainee
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