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  • Oh, right, this bit too: Due to the lack of formatting tools in posts, the only option is to format with whitespace. The site automatically wipes out all whitespace formatting upon posting, leaving the above jumbled mess instead of the nicely formatted list I took time to make with spaces, carriage returns, etc. These kinds of conveniences are a norm & IMO not an excusable lack of functionality for a modern site platform.

  • My expectations of The Transition & My Action Plan.


    1. Not sure; mostly been along to contribute & see where this all goes. But I do have a passion for sustainability & other mechanisms of economy/commerce, and ideas around those. Maybe one day they’ll be high enough on the priority list to put into effect & look for help here. Or I’ll find someone equally excited & we’ll collaborate it out! 2. Weekly 3. I expect to, to hire out, or to find partners in collaboration (possibly including the TT Team). 4. A long time. 5. Donations at first, hopefully quickly to larger ones from some passionate more-abundant members. Then eventually a self-sustainable method thru creating your own valuable assets & income sharing with the groups you help here. 6. I had only ever really figured professional…but I could imagine both! 7. Yes! 8. Yes! 9. Yes! It already has been with NVC. 10. On the level of days, depending on the feedback’s volume, until the user base becomes much bigger (and hopefully the team stops being obligate volunteers). 11. Yes.

  • I wrote a long drawn out boring statement on expectations...then I erased it..

    You guys are beyond words...Keep up the effort and amazing things will continue taking place.

  • I disappointed myself after joining The Transition. I came on as a Beta tester and subsequently mostly forgot about it. I was genuinely excited about the value I could see in The Transition and the promise its leaders showed in making it something great, but I knew that the actions of participants are really what will make a difference. I just “didn’t have time” to participate.

    Half a year later, I learned about taking massive action to get the results I want. So my first experiment was to take massive action with my contributions. Why? Because despite chronic scarcity thinking I knew I had the means, and because in my mind if I couldn’t contribute my time, I could at least contribute something of value someone else could use. So I calculated out how long I “should” have been contributing in my own mental model of the world, plus some extra, quadrupled it, and wrote a check.

    I don’t know how The Transition can help me. I don’t care if it turns out they can’t. I know their vision and I know with my contribution they will help someone else make a difference. But to my surprise, taking massive action jump started my participation in The Transition. After almost year of inactivity because it felt “too complex”, I finally started exploring on the site. I became aware of the abundance of knowledge available that will help my journey, and even accidentally did the first two steps of my Action plan! So now I’m on a roll, giving myself at least 10 minutes every day to continue my Action Plan. It has been enlightening. In the end, my actions were complementary: the monetary contribution was given for the benefit of others; my time on the site is a contribution to myself.

    10/10 would donate again ;)


    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

    ~ Dr. Seuss


Lazy video gamer turned naturalist. I am simultaneously in awe of humankind's technological advances, and terrified of the devastating uses we'll find for them.
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