What Does It Mean to Be a "Contributor" of The Transition?

The Transition website is not just offering "free material"- our team and fellow Contributors are investing in YOU! We want you to invest in yourself, first with time by being a Supporter. We know if you like what you see here on the site, you will follow through with the steps outlined in Your Action Plan. Once you see real results you will break free from the consumer mindset this current system has reinforced and start being a producer who invests more time and Contributes financially as well. Contributors know that a site like this deserves people who take action right away or are wise enough to step-aside so others can make cultural shift happen without them, if they are not ready for change. Active users on this site know that with all that is going on in the world there is no time to waste. Many of the techniques and methods shared on this site have worked for hundreds of thousands of people. This is not material based on theory, but time-tested "in the trenches" life experiences that span the course of decades. People who are prone to arguing for their limitations when it comes to completing tasks found in the Action Plan, are better off working on their own personal beliefs and development rather than participating on websites like this one. No goal can be reached with a mind that is not ready to reach it, and a heart that has no passion for it.


Anyone can talk a "big game" about what they’re going to do. A Contributor is someone who was once a Supporter, but wants to become more proactive and is assisting with a monthly contribution to be used as pooled funds to help The Transition grow, create and implement programs that in turn create social change. 

All Contributors should actively be following and participating with their own Your Action Plan page.