The Cooking Pot

"When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality."     ~ Dom Helder Camara

The Transition exists to collaboratively design, develop, and implement a network of intentional communities and co-op businesses all over the world, through grassroots projects that birth them. This becomes by default a community (virtually as well as locally) where people are fulfilled in their development towards their highest potential of human experience for themselves and all others. In order to reach that potential we created The Cooking Pot.

The Cooking Pot is The Transition's Challenge Grant peer-funding platform (a.k.a. crowd-funding). We called it The Cooking Pot because a lot of the principles The Transition is based on comes from the story Stone Soup. It's not possible to make soup without a pot just like all of our projects are not possible unless we pool together our resources and work cohesively as a team to make them happen.

A version of the folk tale Stone Soup

Below you will see a list of our latest peer-funding campaigns. These campaigns are submitted by BUDs or one of our intentional communities or co-ops. They are posted because their project got approved by Contributors like you and they are striving to come up with half of the funds they need to fulfill the goals of their project. If successful we will grant them the other half of the funding they need. So, please take a look and see what our Contributors are up to and if what they are doing resonates with you please donate, and be sure to spread the word so we can gain even more momentum for our organization to progress and achieve the steps outlined in Our Plan.


Thanks for your support!





Unlike other platforms, The Cooking Pot has no fees — your entire contribution goes to the group requesting funding (minus 3rd-party credit card processing fees).

To keep our site running, we rely on small donations from our community. These cover essential technical infrastructure costs needed to support thousands of active Contributors every day.

Thank you for supporting us in making all of our goals become a reality!

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