Phase IV – “Pollination” (Community)




  • To help “pollinate” Phase I Transitional Communities, skilled Contributors volunteer to give hands-on help and ensure efficacy of their methods of production to meet standard Benchmarks.  These Contributors are known as TIN men and women (or TIN persons).



  • Phase IV+ Transitional Communities help “water” Phase I Transitional Communities to get to their Phase IV “Pollination” Phase.  If needed, extra funds are allocated to help purchase necessities for the developing Transitional Communities.



  • The Transitional Community is functioning efficient enough to produce High Equilibrium of goods and services to share with other Transitional Communities.  


  • Interactions with surrounding monetary-market communities has begun. (Process of Phase 0 Seeding” surrounding communities: “Why can’t we do this?”, “How do we do what you are doing?”, etc)  The Transitional Community assists surrounding monetary communities to become Phase I Transitional Communities to then become Phase IV Transitional Communities. At this stage, the majority of Transitional Community Contributors are behaving and communicating with Communalistic principles.



The Transitional Community creates and contributes pre-existing comprehensive blueprints and instruction guides, found on, on how to build sustainable communities.


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