I co-create a world of enjoyment and permission, by trusting the process and surrendering the outcome. - [email protected]

i support the Transition as a pathway to a world of shared abundance.

I am happiest when I'm: engaged in one of my passions.

People see me as: Kind and tenacious.

I want to help because: i feel joy and fulfillment.

My philosophy on life is: Embrace the "I Don't Know".

my intentional community would be virtual and worldwide. To use group power to cheer and support the Warriors of change.

I am content in my living situation. I will not be relocating to an intentional community.

i am more inline with Jeremy Rifkin and building the platform for the 3rd industrial age. To cheer and support the political and social changes necessary to have a sustainable shared abundance.








  • In anger how do you calm yourself down?

    I own it. If it is a charge, i look for what angers me about the other that i see in myself . If it about injustice, broken agreements or boundary violations, i use my anger to step into clear assertive energy to address the situation. Anger is an E motion... a gateway to clean clear assertive behavior or in shadow "the Savage".

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  • The People's Transition Party

    I have been a political cheerleader since high school. For the student council election students were divided into two parties. cheerleaders were chosen and each party got half the school band. I was head cheerleader and our purpose was to entertain students so they would listen to the candidates speeches.

    In the early 80’s I made a joke getting ready to go to a rock show. I said I was going to start a Political Party… the Rock’n’Roll Thomas_townsend_newspaper.jpgParty! Being a man of my word, I started the Rock’n’Roll Party. Complete with ‘Rules and Reggae’.

    Campaigning was partying hard. It turns out nobody can have that much fun and survive.

    So the next twenty five years consisted of 12 step recovery with personal therapy, followed by many years in a men’s group, with personal therapy. I worked and paid my bills while creating a shop where we recycled construction cut off and prefabbed specialty parts for new houses. I called it TC’s world of plenty.





    In 2011 I was disabled and have been on resisted activity ever since. Still when Bernie Sanders ran for President I got on board.


    When Bernie was pushed out I still felt the bern. I felt like I was wasting my time posting on Facebook. What could I do to effect what is happening politically? I started thinking about reviving the Rock’n’Roll Party again, when I met a young man that wanted to start a political party, but didn’t know how. I told him about the Rock’n’Roll Party. We collaborated on a new name, New Progressive’s Party of America. Our purpose was to join all progressives together; left and right, both major parties, anybody with an open mind. It has been 6 months and we had 140 likes. I was posting on Facebook and feeling kinda useless…



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  • I made a video like you ask me. https://youtu.be/gcDM2vasb0c

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  • My life has turned around since i have been working an Action Plan. I have been wanting to make a difference in the world. Posting on FB sure doesn’t seem to work. I started an alternative political party on FB. There are 140 page likes and few comments. But the action plan!!! It gives me direction, purpose and helps me to learn, create and pass on support for the Cultural and political Transformation into the New Paradigm. The site is filled with information. The staff has done an out standing job… 900 pages and thousands of links. It takes a while but now that i am learning my way around it is kinda fun.


    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

    ~ Dr. Seuss


  • I’m here to Learn, Create and Pass on ways to support the Cultural and political Transformation into the New Paradigm.

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  • To help build the platform for the 3rd industrial age..."the Internet of Things".

    1. Support and encouragement to live my mission: "To co-create a world of permission and enjoyment by trusting the process and surrendering the outcome." 2. Daily 3. No expectation 4. I'm checking it out and plan to be engaged. 5. no funding necessary 6. both 7. yes 8. yes 9. yes 10. a few days 11. no expectation

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