A man with a realisic and achievable dream. - jwh7880@yahoo.com

  • 1. Hoping to get the my 501 © of the ground and be able to help others 2. As often as I can at the least weekly. 3. I hoping we can share equal roles in getting it up and going 4. I’m looking to become part of the team and continue helping others as you help me 5. I’m not to sure how that works but I would apricate 6. I feel this site is here to help teams and individuals .7. yes I would give as well as receive. 8. Yes I would gladly promote this side as long as its values always stay just. 9. I’m hoping to be on a new path and helping many others. 10. I feel that turn around for this site is very well passed for its size. 11. Yes I find that all I have stated is very reasonable.

my name is john hassell i a father of 2 amazing girls and a husband of an amazing wife and my life dream is to help as many people as i posibly can.
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