Look at the Progress You've Made in 2017!

Throughout the year The Transition Team has been privileged to hear about all the wins and successes registered website users are having in their private lives during their Review Sessions. Here are some of the highlights of the things we have heard about:

  • Pooled funds with their BUD to invest in land to start their own intentional community
  • Repaired their relationships with family members and a friend they have not spoken to in over 10 years with resources provided by their Point Person
  • United their BUD from separate states in order to move collectively to another country to start their intentional community
  • Wrote a Trust with their BUD
  • Registered their BUD on The Transition website
  • Became a Transition volunteer
  • Started their intentional community
  • Begun to determine their BUD's strengths in order to form cottage industries to collectively earn income to support themselves
  • Got featured on a podcast to talk about and highlight their project
  • Attended the Twin Oaks Communities Conference
  • Finished the current Phase they were on Your Action Plan
  • Developed new skills they can register on the site
  • Completed a course or certification program
  • Determined the intention behind their project
  • Begun to have regular BUD meetings
  • Hosted a potluck
  • Lead a workshop on their area of expertise
  • Completed the filming and editing of their documentary and had a successful launch
  • Began to utilize Non-Violent Communication in their everyday life
  • Joined a pre-existing BUD


We've realized that The Transition could be much more successful if users also took the time to develop a summary of some of their progress and successes and submitted them to The Transition, so we can highlight them on our Updates page. This way other people can see that The Transition does "work" and that users are experiencing different levels of success while using Your Action Plan. To help us do that please keep our team informed by submitting your own personal gains and wins at our Report Portal.

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