Personal Impact of Phase I - Building Community/"Water Phase"

I understand The Function of BUDs

    BUDs are the bedrock of The Transition and will help us manifest a Global Egalitarian System with the rest of the world. It all begins with the creation of BUDs so it is very important that all supporters and Contributors understand the function of them and how they work. The only way we can tackle global issues is by being able to collaborate and cooperate on a global scale and this can be done once people form BUDs.

I know about the different Types of BUDs

     BUDs can fulfill many different purposes and a person can belong to more than one BUD. Understanding the different types of BUDs is important for each individual so they know which types of BUDs best meet their own personal needs.

I have learned about BUD Meeting Facilitation

    A Global Egalitarian System can not work on the macro level if BUDs are not working properly on the micro level. In order to make well informed decisions that serve the needs of the people within the BUD as well as the planet and all that inhabits it, BUD Meetings must run properly. Having this education under your belt will also help you be on the same page with other BUDs and groups within The Transition Inter-Community Network should you travel and meet others on your journey.

I have learned about Decision-Making and the use of Formal Consensus in BUDs

    Unlike voting Consensus does not operate on cohersion. It is important to know how to function in a consensus driven environment or you will find yourself without a BUD or not be able to have your individual voice heard on a macro level regarding global decisions.

I have reviewed the following page on Conflict Resolution:

  • Assumptions about Conflict
  • Separate Identification From Resolution

I have reviewed the Dimensions of Conflict

I have reviewed Conflict Analysis Material

I have reviewed the various Stages and Dynamics of Conflict Resolution:


    - Negotiation and Bargaining

    - Implementation

    - Evaluation

    - The Role of Third Party Neutral

    - Processes for Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is a part of life we all face on a regular basis even when we are a cooperative person. Once we understand what conflict really is and how to work with each other to find where our values overlap, we can best determine how to move forward and create solutions to life’s biggest problems.

I am invested in continuing to improve my Education

        As an organization, The Transition believes in continuing education no matter how young or old you are. There is always more to learn and always a new lens with which we can begin to view the world to have deeper understanding of the challenges we face. By investing in your education and challenging your own beliefs, you are able to arm yourself with knowledge to be the best version of yourself.

I have helped The Transition Spread the Word by referring one new website user

A key fundamental skill people must have in order to make any project come to fruition is the ability to communicate to others your idea and how it relates to their own interests. When a person is able to effectively talk to others about The Transition and get them more actively involved, it helps them in turn build the skills they need to develop and grow their own personal projects. No matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert this is a deeply needed skill for anyone wanting to create social change on any level (micro or macro). By growing The Transition and getting more people involved, you are by default assisting yourself as well. When more people join, you broaden our network, recruit new people with new skill sets, strengths, and expertise and also increase the finances we need to assist people’s projects including your own. Just like in the story of Stone Soup, by helping The Transition, you are supplying yourself an abundance of offerings that also helps yourself.

I have reviewed my phase experience with my Point Person

This step has been very rewarding for those following the Action Plan as well as The Transition Team members who serve as Point People. By going through this step, we ensure everyone has taken the steps needed to become more involved and educated as well as gain new insight and expertise as to how doing these steps has influenced each user’s life personally as well as professionally. With this information, we are better able to assist other users and give them anecdotal experiences of others who have experienced the steps before them. By working together, we become stronger.

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