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Begin to Speak Up, Spread The Word & Connect With People
Now that you have been educating yourself about what is going on in the world via our Movie Vault and other information on the site, start speaking up to others about it. While it may seem taboo to bring up certain subjects, you will be surprised to see how many people are feeling a lot of this stuff behind the scenes in their own private lives. Share information you like from the site, as this is how we will get more people educating themselves and thinking about things. You can share our website, and documentaries to get the ball rolling or maybe even host an event or movie screening! Get creative with it. Use photos on Facebook, put posters in your community or go big and pull off a community event like free hugs in a public area. These actions turn heads and get people asking what it’s all about. A great way to spread the word. Connect with others in your community. By starting a Meetup group or connecting with others in your area on a regular basis, people can begin to unite their ideas and see how they can assist each other to begin moving forward. You will be very surprised to find out how we are all a key piece of the puzzle in any given group. Together we can achieve big things. If you are having difficulty thinking of people to talk to about The Transition use our Memory Jogger page to think of names of people you may know.

The issue we face now in our early stages is that we must create a large following of Contributors for ICs and community experts to take us seriously and want to dedicate the time it takes to pass on their sage advice and experience. So, we need all of you to help get as many people as possible involved! We do have some ICs currently working with us, but again until we gain ourselves more clout we are not their top priority at the moment.

Bonus Tip: You can help us raise funding for our various programs and activities without spending anything extra. Visit Amazon by clicking the button below and a portion of your purchases will go to The Transition!


 Examples of Spreading the Word

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