Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is an extremely effective way to promote The Transition or anything you care about. It works in the following ways:

  • It reveals to people you are a positive person, one they might want to work more closely with or get to know better.
  • It informs other people that you will NOT take their actions for granted if they should choose to help you now or in the future.
  • The positive feelings you express are associated with the thing or person you are promoting, automatically.
  • It makes those you show gratitude  tofeel good.
  • The people you show gratitude to are more likely to help you in the future.
  • Showing gratitude creates a reciprocal flow to any relationship. Where there is reciprocity everyone's needs tend to be met.


Frank's post is made more effective by him noting a "Call to Action" for people to take by saying "Please look at the link below." & " I encourage you to get on board with us". 

expert_tip_bubble.png When people edify you publicly like this it is always good to "Like" or "Love" their post. Not only does it show the person edifying you that you appreciate and respect them as well, but it communicates to others that you have a real ongoing relationship with the person.

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