a place to welcome and force the writing of my vision for change

1. getting involved with your org. forces me to fully explain to somebody “in the field”, as it were (the field of “Planet Healing”?, i heard it refered that way once) my complex vision of possible change... that is my primary goal met, right there... let’s do this, bring it, lol... 2. Daily, is my honest guestimate at this point. 3. i expect to do all the work, i guess 4. i HOPE to work with what you do and represent at least until we heal this damn planet! (after maybe we can just stay friends? lol) 5. at this point i’m not looking for funding. 6. in my world those do not distinguish so readily, but i expect your site might welcome whatever stays relevant to the current focus. 7. absolutely, love to share and to learn and explore 8. for sure i’ll help, maties... yarrr 9. it seems to want to go there, perhaps... i expect this whole year to be life altering in the sense that i intend to do my best to activate or release my vision... and if your group can help me get started and perhaps even gather a bit of traction... shazam, life altered. Do i expect this? hmmm. . . . YES ! yes i do :) 10. i think maybe a week might be reasonable, less would be better obviously... 3 days might be optimal, if 1 day creates too much stress... and “variable within a week depending on work load” would also be just fine... if it’s reliable, i would have patience for whatever. 11. what? i should go back and read? i trust myself the first time... i’m reasonable, i did my best...yes they’re reasonable (but please let me know otherwise)

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  • Hank Burroughs
  • Robert Howes
    I agree with that.
  • Robert Howes