Why Should an Individual Join The Transition?

Everyone has a story and every story has a conflict. Too often that conflict is simply a life lived out of sync with one’s values or dreams. You may find that the time you have allotted to career, family, recreation, service, and relaxation is out of balance and unfulfilling. The world says that it is "just the way it is". We at The Transition disagree. 

Getting involved with The Transition can provide you opportunity to have the means, the time, and the flexibility to pursue your passions and to more fully enjoy the company of those you love and care about. It can be the way by which you overcome a setback or finally get beyond “just making ends meet.” It can restore or improve confidence in both yourself and your abilities and it will provide immense satisfaction as you help others to find such confidence in themselves. As Contributor you will become part of a off-line and online Community of driven individuals who are writing their own stories. They are enjoying their Contributions they are making to the world. They are building new relationships with positive and forward thinking people. They are becoming more confident, empowered individuals. They are making significant positive changes in their lives that are impacting not just themselves, but others as well. And you can, too. 

Like the heroes and heroines of our favourite stories, we believe you can have your own happy ending. The Transition invites and encourages you to “Join the Movement,” to take back control of your time and your life.  It will require work, but the best victories are those that were hard won. You will not be alone in your efforts; The Transition Inter-Community network will be there to assist you and cheer you on in your journey!   

We would love for you to join us Become a Contributor today!


This website is for Cultural Creatives. It's for people who want to know more about folks who: 

  • live off grid
  • grow their own food
  • create their own biodiesel fuel
  • who share meals with friends and neighbours
  • raise their children cooperatively with others
  • work at jobs they find fulfilling
  • create their own home-grown entertainment

and find themselves thriving not merely surviving.

It's also for people who might consider joining an Intentional community or ecovillage sometime in the future- and who'd like some guidance in the meantime about how to go about it.

Lastly, it's for active "community seekers" - people engaged in the process of seeking an ecovillage or another kind of sustainable Intentional Community who would like some tips and pointers on how to make the journey far easier.


You should join The Transition if:

  • You believe housing is a human right, and want to acquire safe and reliable housing for yourself and those you care about.
  • You believe that everyone needs a basic education on how to survive sustainably, and seek out information to make yourself more resilient to our ever changing times.
  • You believe that planned obsolescence is a practice that wastes our finite resources, and are deeply concerned with the impact consumerism has on your personal life and the world at large.
  • You are interested in experimental models of living and working together like Co-Housing, Eco-Villages, Co-ops, Communes, & Intentional Communities, and would like to learn “what not to do” as much as you would like to learn about the basic principles of starting such projects.
  • Your intentional community you belong to is looking for ways to find community members with more aligned values and vision to join your community.
  • You live in an intentional community, work in a co-op or once did and want to share your experiences with other people interested in doing the same.
  • You know poverty is a man-made social construct, and are no longer interested in participating in the “rat race”.
  • You study ideas & concepts regarding sustainability, permaculture, ecology, & aquaponics, because you know these are life skills that will help you thrive in the future.
  • You believe that alternative technologies are withheld due to corporate greed, and have a mindset that sharing can help us better our life circumstances as a species.
  • You are in need of individuals with skill-sets you yourself do not posses to help your current project succeed.
  • You would like to have a lifestyle NOT focused on the acquisition of money and would like to support yourself in such a way that you can than focus on what you are most passionate about.
  • You believe cooperation is far more powerful than competition.
  • You are looking to design your life in a way that makes you feel fulfilled, nourished and cared for.
  • You want to leave the planet better than you found it.
  • You don't just talk about problems, you are a person who comes up with solutions to them and DOES something about it by using methods of Direct Action!

With The Transition you can:

  • Develop your personal, strategic Action plan with the help of our collective knowledge and staff.
  • Use our Stone Soup Inventory and specialized tools (such as our Movie Vault, & Community Brain) to further your goals.
  • Leverage our assets and expertise to develop your passion project faster.
  • Partner with us and other committed Contributors to address critical issues in your area, across your country and around the world.

The Transition succeeds when our Contributors regenerate local assets, in tandem with innovating, networking, collaborating, and replicating proven strategies they find on our website. The Transition's programming and events often create a  fulfilling and inspiring experience for all of those who participate in them. It all starts off when a small collection of motivated individuals within a Community who decide to  come together and form a BUD with a shared concern: How can our group respond to the challenges and opportunities of our time? Once a BUD is formed they then continue on with the Action Plan based on the Type of BUD they have determined they are. When you join The Transition you know that we are all working together to achieve the same end goal.

Lastly, you should join us if you are looking for other people to work and grow with in a long-term and committed effort to change the world we live in-for the better. If this resonates with you join us NOW!


Sources:  Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community, Transition Primer: A Guide to Becoming a Transition Town, US Version 

Contributors: Diana Leafe Christian, Transition US

Recommended Books: Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community, Transition Primer: A Guide to Becoming a Transition Town, US Version