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    As an individual and a professional I advocate for the Transition Town model as a tool for self- organizing communities to learn by sharing their own transition plans. The end game is to mainstream the idea of self reliant communities of all size that use food, energy, and zero waste as the key element to creating and sustaining local living economies designed to preserve our greatest natural resource, the diversity of culture and language that is our greatest collective natural resource. In the wilds of Alaska, I have planted the seeds and created the foundation to build an academy to teach these skills to the over 227 rural community leaders on how aerospace is the environmental solution that will allow regular innovation to replace extraction of minerals as the economic base for the state. The Transition Town framework is the third of five steps that are intended to build a bridge for people to move from the carbon to the hydrogen economy in the span of the next decade to put our efforts on pace with rate of change. To become all that we are meant to be as a civilization all we have to do is to accept we are caterpillars and use this time to focus on our highest individual expression and become the butterflies. A species of stewards that live with this planet and not just on her. A transition to a world where environmental economics is how we profit for generations. This efforts is called The Butterfly Initiative and you can follow along on Facebook @tbiglobal

Ecological Industrialist
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