Karen Fischbach- Site Expectations

Question number 1:

  1. What problems do you feel we will help you solve or resolve?
  That was my question about the organization upon joining The Transition  Which problems  would the Transition help me solve or resolve?  Would this organization help with anything at all?  Is it worth my time to be involved? How much of the income generated by donations to the Transition is used directly to assist members in crisis?  For an organization that says it is a mutual aid organization, I guess I would expect a way to both provide and be provided aid.  Kind of like, when I call 211 they give me information about and referrals to organizations that can help meet needs.  At one point, such a call to 211 resulted in the local patrol officer coming to my home and physically rescuing me when I was suffering from hypothermia and at high risk for freezing to death.  I guess I expect similar services with the Transition.  If I'm in a life or death situation, I would expect more than just advise.  On the other hand, I would expect to be expected to provide aid and assistance to others, to be asked to contribute to the security of all people in the organization.  I would expect to be required to provide both volunteer hours and a financial contribution.  In emergency, life or death situations, I would expect to contribute above and beyond what I would normally contribute day to day.  Who determines what constitutes normal operations vs emergency aid, I don't know.  As an organization, we would have to develop guidelines, if these haven't already been developed.
Question number 2

How active do you intend to be with the site (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)? 
It depends on how much I feel I'm getting out of being on the site.  If it is a waste of time, then not very often.  If it is really helpful, perhaps several times a day.  
Question number 3 
Do you expect to do the bulk of the work to get your project off the ground, or do you feel that's the role you want our Transition Team to play? 
The Transition's role, in my opinion, would be to direct people to projects that are ongoing, to which those individuals could join and contribute, or to provide information and assistance to develop new projects.  Ideas for projects and day to day work and development of projects, including member benefits, need to be generated by Transition Supporters, either as individuals or as groups.  The organization needs to be able to provide access to resources to enable members to develop projects.  A portion of all resources acquired by The Transition should be designated for support of either ongoing or new projects. Ideally, projects would enhance individuals and groups ability to function and to access resources, freeing resources to be returned to The Transition, to be used to expand the organization, and to continue to support new and ongoing projects.  I see this as a  circular movement of energy.
Question number 4
  1. Do you plan to be very invested in our organization and stay with us for a long time (maybe even years) or are you registered on the site just to see what it's about?
If I donate money and volunteer with an organization, then I assume my involvement with that organization will be ongoing, perhaps over many years.  The more effective I see the organization being, the more committed I would feel toward that organization. 
Question number 5
How do you expect our organization to fund projects (like yours) in order to launch them? 
I would assume a portion, or percentage of overall donations would be set aside for projects that offer the most needed goods and/or services to those members in most critical need.  I would also assume The Transition would assist buds / members / groups / individuals with fund raising, in order that those  buds / members / groups / individuals  provide the most needed resources to Transition members.I see one of The Transition's roles, as an organization, is to direct member's time, energy and other resources to where it is most urgently needed, and /or to where such donations can make the biggest impact at a given moment, such that as an organization, we can focus on a set of goals.  Access to resources needs to be made available under publicly defined and agreed upon circumstances.  
Question number 6
  1. Do you feel our site is meant to help you solely with professional matters or personal ones too?

Given the nature of the site and the organization, I would assume assistance would be available with both.  It is often hard to draw lines between where one's professional life ends and one's personal life begins.
Question number 7
  1. Are you willing to contribute and give to others registered on the site as well as receive and take their offerings?

Of course.
Question number 8
  1. Are you willing to help with promoting the site as long as you feel it is in alignment with your personal values?

Question number 9

Do you expect your use of this site to be "life altering" in any way? 
Yes.  If it makes no meaningful impact on my life or obvious impact on the lives of others, , why would I bother with it at all?
Question number 10
  1. With the knowledge that we are run by a small and 100% volunteer run team, how fast do you feel our turn around time will be for any things entered into the Suggestion Box or sent to us via the Contact Us pages?
It would depend on the nature of the request or suggestion.  In terms of site modifications; for instance how a directory is arranged, or whether there are links between this and that, or editing issues, a month or two would be reasonable.  But in situations where issues are time sensitive, or of a personal / professional crisis in nature, it would be important for the organization to be able to respond quickly. 

Question number 11
  1. Do you feel all of the above expectations you have provided are reasonable?

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