Ilyusha Mann - [email protected]

  • Creativity = Capital

    1. I imagine The Transition will help solve the problem of how to unite a diversity of strategies that will help create an urban ecovillage. 2. I intend to be active on this site multiple times a week. 3. I expect that I and my team will be doing the work to get our project off the ground with the support of The Transition Team. 4. I expect to be involved for a long time. We will see how long internet lasts. I'll be involved longer if the organization gains some organizational traction in my town. 5. I have no expectations to receive funding for my project. That would be cool though. I imagine guidance toward effective crowd funding would be more expected. 6. I think the site will help with both professional and personal matters. 7. Yes, I am willing to be supportive as others to the degree that I feel capable. We are more effective in cooperation rather than competition. 8. Yes, I'm willing to promote the site, especially if I feel like it is supportive to my mission of ecovillagizing my town. 9. I hope this site proves to be an indispensable ally. 10. I imagine the turn around time to acknowledging and addressing the suggestion or contact to take a week or two. I imagine people volunteering at the level of administration are pretty committed to this site. At least as long as there is internet. 11. Yeah I think everything I wrote is reasonable!

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