How Does Having an "In-House" Peer-Funding Platform (a.k.a Crowd -Funding Platform) Assist The Transition in Reaching Its Mission?


Having our own "in house" peer-funding platform helps The Transition in the following ways:

  • We can act more fiscally conservative with the funding we receive from our Contributors and donations we receive by using our network to meet the needs of the submitting person or group if their only true need is a tangible object or skill set and not actual money.
  • We can provide a savings to our Contributors that typically they would have to pay elsewhere (via fees and percentage of funds) on some other site leaving them the ability to invest more in their project.
  • Should a project not get fully funded meeting their half-way point goal The Transition can still have the money to invest in other projects that DO hit their target goal. Thus, we would still be investing in worthwhile projects that help advance the Mission of The Transition for all of us.
  • This process helps eliminate giving funding to charlatans who might only join for a month trying to get hundreds or thousands of dollars in funding for merely having a Contributorship for one month. 
  • By having the individual or BUD promote their fundraiser and use our site as their platform The Transition is able to get new Contributors at no cost reducing if not eliminating the need for us to invest in advertising and instead putting it back into our organization and advancing the work we do!