1. Networking with individuals and groups with aligned intentions and end goals

2. This will be context dependent. Activity with the site is directly correlated with activity with the network as a whole.

3. The project does not lend itself to outsourcing as it is a formulation of a meditative framework. As such, it is constrained via its applicable communication channels and the ability to properly navigate the framework itself.

4. Investment in this organization is a natural consequence of the outcomes of meditative framework itself. It is not a matter of any personal plans specifically, but simply the next logical step of my investment into the framework.

5. Via coordination of mutual needs and building a web of trust with entities that can accommodate them

6. The two are codependent.

7. Yes. Exchange of materials is fundamental for satisfying both physical and mental health for all participants of the exchange.

8. By definition

9. In the sense that my work will have a broader context and further potential for realization.

10. Not fast, but it is possible that really good suggestions may be put on a fast track based on their merits.

11. I do.

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