Who is Paxus Calta-Star?


Paxus Calta-Star is a memeticist, funologist, political activist, communitarian, blogger and festival organizer living in the United Paxus.jpgStates.  He is a dual member of both the Twin Oaks  (since 1998) and Acorn communities in Virginia, and is currently focusing on organizing PANYC -the New York City Point A project. He has been involved with the anti-nuclear movement

Paxus has authored a pamphlet about polyamory which has been translated into 5 languages. He considers himself an anarchist and is the principal organizer of the Fingerbook Propaganda Project, which produces and distributes "Fingerbooks" (small handbooks) on consensus decision-making, designing revolutions, polyamory, and intentional communities. He has appeared on both CNN and Voice of America videos discussing intentional community living. He has also written for Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post.


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