What is The Sustainable Living Podcast?

the_sustainable_living_podcast.jpgThe Sustainable Living Podcast is a weekly (sometimes twice a week) podcast that seeks to give people practical tips and inspiration for living a heart-centered life that honors Mother Earth and Her inhabitants.  
It is co-hosted by Jenise Fryatt and Marianne West who emphasize a balanced, spiritually-centered approach to sustainable living influenced by yoga (both women are yoga teachers), their past experience as La Leche League leaders and their deep affinity for permaculture (both women are permaculture design certificate holders.)
A big part of the podcast's mission is to share information about what is possible; i.e. the healthy, sustainable systems that are beginning to replace older, more toxic ones. Both women believe it will be much easier for humanity to manifest peace, abundance and happiness if larger numbers of humans can actually envision such a world in more detail.  
Their audience consists of folks seeking to improve their own lives while at the same time helping  the planet. Some are well established on the journey, be they homesteaders, zero-wasters or minimalists. Others are just taking their first steps toward switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Just about all of these folks have one thing in common: they are not content to live the  traditional American dream of consumerism.  They seek to live more intentional, harmonious and happy lives.