What is a Progression Session?


A Progression Session is dedicated one-on-one time a website user actively doing Your Action Plan gets with their assigned Point Person. It's a way for both parties to touch base about the progress that is being made both on an individual and organization level. During the session the Point Person verifies that the website user did all the steps for the Phase they are on correctly, answers any questions they may have and gets to know more about them and their specific project so they can help them with support, space, resources or referrals they may need. This is the time anyone who is new and interested in The Transition gets to showcase their skills, talents and desires to become more actively involved as well. Often Progression Sessions help existing organizations or projects find out how they can weave their work in with The Transition or how their founders or spokespeople can even join The Transition Team or volunteer. By actively doing Your Action Plan individuals often discover how their strengths can contribute to making The Transition's work stronger making all of our unified work gather more momentum to help us reach our mutual goals much quicker.

Ultimately those who make it to a Progression Session, leave it having a crystal clear vision of where they are and what steps they need to take next to accomplish their aspirations. With their Point Person they uncover their hidden challenges that could be sabotaging their success in:

  • Getting their project off the ground
  • Finding the team they need to make their project succeed
  • Attracting funding to support their cause
  • In reducing turnover 
  • Continuing their success long-term

Participants who have experienced a session often leave feeling renewed, energized & inspired to accomplish their goals.