What Do Those Numbers and "BB" Mean Under My Name When I Am Logged In?


The BB stands for "Buzz Bucks" these are points you are awarded for doing various things on the site like using your referral Buzz_Bucks_screenshot.pnglink and introducing a friend to the site. We called them Buzz Bucks because you are creating a buzz about The Transition and also because it ties in with the natural theme of Our Plan. By telling people about the Mission of The Transition you are essentially pollinating the idea of The Transition in other places online and off. You can also earn them when you report back to us what you have been doing online and off to help our organization grow and thrive via the Report Portal. The more active and involved you are with The Transition the more Buzz Bucks you are awarded.


We have not yet launched the Buzz Bucks Exchange where you can exchange your Buzz Bucks for rewards and prizes. We will not be able to do so until our active registered users is substantial. Watch this video starting at 26:43 time stamp for more details on that.

When we are ready to launch the Buzz Bucks Exchange we will let you know so we can hear what types of things you are interested in getting. If you would like to tell us something now you would like to see in the Buzz Bucks Exchange let us know at our Suggestion Box page.