Expectations for transition

�1. I feel you may help me solve the problem of not having a centralized platform for mass co-creation based around sustainability and regeneration of the planet. 2. I intend to use this site as often as needed, which may vary with time. 3. I have no issue doing the bulk of the work for my projects. Any resources to help found within the network is greatly appreciated. 4. I would like to be as involved as I possibly can if the project keeps moving in the right direction. 5. I would envision a collective pool of resources for funding projects, with some way of regenerating resources used for start ups. Will be curious to see how it plays out. 6.Most of my professional matters are personal matters, as my profession is the stewardship of life... 7. Certainly. I will happily participate in an ebb and flow of energy based around mutual support. 8. As long as everything is in alignment I have no problem promoting the site. 9. I am not sure. We shall see what time tells... 10.I would not expect it to be immediate. A few days to a week is reasonable, yet that is subject to volume and understandable variability. 11. I feel they are within reason.

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