Crystal Ferrera's Expectations

1. My husband and I are starting out farm/possible intentional community on July1 2021 and I hope to use the resources here to help guide me/network during our journey. I'm looking for existing wisdom from those that came before us. 2. My amount of activity will be directly linked to the amount of benefit am receiving from thsi process. That may come either from internal inspiration or from external support or a combination of both. We will see. 3. At this point in time I'm expecting to do all the work, but am hopeful that I will naturally just find help along the way. I guess this possibly can come from a transition team, but I don't know what that looks like. I am also hopeful my vision will resonante with others as I put my energy out into the community, and we can gain momentum together. 4. Again at this point I have no idea what to expect from this site. I looked around for a while and I am not seeing very much activity. If I get nothing back I probabl won't become very involved at all. If I am seeing benefits from being involved then I may be here for a long time. What I do know if the ideas behind the purpose of creating this site seem to align with my own, and given the right connections it's possible we can connect and help each other tremendously. 5. Funding my projects?!? That would be amazing, however the experience of learning from people who have already built an intentional community/sustainable project and the people I am hoping to meet to help me with the actual build part (labor) is more important to me. What I need is knowledge and experience. I'm expecting my income to do most of the funding. 6. My transition to this lifestyle and out of the corporate world is 100% to meld my professional interests with my personal interests for a more fulfilling human experience. So for that reason your site is to help me with both since they are now one in the same. 7. I hope so. My understanding is the whole purpose is to network and learn from each other. 8. If I see movement and benefit from the site then absolutely. 9. Everything I'm doing every single day is life altering at this point. So, yes. 10. I don't have an expectation about your timing at all. 11. My expectations are more than reasonable 12. I expect the more energy I send into the universe the more energy the universe will send back.

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