You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
― Richard Buckminster Fuller


We're on a Mission to make a better world:

The time has come for those of us who are working on one issue or another — or who have not yet gotten engaged in any issue — to join hearts and minds into a diverse but united movement. The Transition is not a revolution, it is an evolution. It brings some of the techniques and principles of Communalism into action while using the existing monetary system rules and influences it cannot readily escape. We are not fighting against the current system. We are adapting the current system so that it can transform into something better that would enable all of us to achieve a much higher standard of living within a relatively short period of time; a standard of living that would be continuously improved as we develop our technologies and the ways in which these discoveries are implemented. We work towards discovering the root causes of the major issues we face today and propose alternatives for them. We are collectively working for fundamental change of the political and economic institutions of society to achieve a just, humane, and Global Egalitarian System. By doing so we improve the quality of life for all, not just a select few. We recognize that our current social design contributes to the unnecessary human suffering many experience in their daily lives, meanwhile we have the technical ability and resources that can help us surpass our present conditions, if we unify and work together. Rather than isolating ourselves completely from the mainstream, we promote The Transition as a viable alternative. The Transition is a communal organization striving for an egalitarian global society built on ephemeralization principles. Our intention is to bring together those who follow a compass set with the same values so we can reach our mutual goals faster.

You should join The Transition if:


  • You believe housing is a human right.
  • You believe that everyone needs a basic education on how to survive sustainably.
  • You believe that planned obsolescence is a practice that wastes our finite resources.
  • You are interested in experimental models of living and working together like Co-Housing, Eco-Villages, Co-ops, Communes, & Intentional Communities.
  • You know poverty is a man-made social construct.
  • You study ideas & concepts regarding sustainability, permaculture, ecology, & aquaponics.
  • You believe that alternative technologies are withheld due to corporate greed.
  • You believe cooperation is far more powerful than competition.
  • You don't just talk about problems, you are a person who comes up with solutions to them and DOES something about it by using methods of Direct Action!


Lastly, you should join us if you are looking for other people to work and grow with in a long-term and committed effort to change the world we live in-for the better.

If this sounds like you

Start Your Action Plan Now!



     This online social change community is about starting on a local scale, but acting with the intention of global change to bridge the gap between our present times and a Global Egalitarian System. (Some examples of similar holistic concepts or ideas are Economic Singularity, Resource Based Economy (RBE), Gifting Economy, and Ubuntu) Together we are creating a worldwide movement based on a set of practical values to give people a better understanding of the interconnection and impact we have with one another as well as the environment. We are a social change network of conscious individuals willing to not only change the world, but change themselves to create a brighter future for everyone! We believe that we can make the transition to a more sustainable and resilient world. We hope that you will join us.

What people are saying about The Transition:

 "This is truly a grand scale design. Connecting the multitude of like-minded groups and individuals onto one path to achieve similar but diverse variations of the same goal."

Cynthia Schramm


"...this platform is exceptional"

~ Lee Knott


"If anyone wishes to make changes to our current social systems, e.g. medical, economical, college, please check out The Transition...Whether you're looking to start up your own changes, contribute to others, or share & discover where you'd fit in, the level of support is amazing. They've got a step-by-step plan laid out for anyone to follow to reach their goals; I delayed way too long, but finally made a strong start to mine today and feel GREAT about it!"

~ Torey Fickes


"Cooperation and learning are an integral part of what it means to be human. The community environment The Transition provides has been designed to nurture and support the experience and evolution of this understanding. With The Transition people pursue life and learning at their own pace and according to their own interests, passions, and preferences. It is here [where they]  provide helpful insights in looking at experimental social change models,alternatives to competition, freeing up energy for social change involvements, working to eliminate [individuals] own internalized "in-humanism" (racism, sexism, class-ism, etc.) and look toward the building of new organizational forms for the developing nonviolent movement for fundamental social change world-wide. Be forewarned that you will be exposed to ideas that will change the way you think about how you make decisions. Once you've been exposed to these ideas contained [on] the site, you will not be able to return to your previous understanding of decision-making."

Robert Howes


“I support The Transition as it is the most structurally sound road map I have been presented with and the resources are seemingly endless. Special thanks to the team for putting this resource together for us. ”

~ Frank Kirkpatrick





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