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I don't know what I'm doing...but that's OK, it'll work out.

  • I disappointed myself after joining The Transition. I came on as a Beta tester and subsequently mostly forgot about it. I was genuinely excited about the value I could see in The Transition and the promise its leaders showed in making it something great, but I knew that the actions of participants are really what will make a difference. I just “didn’t have time” to participate.

    Half a year later, I learned about taking massive action to get the results I want. So my first experiment was to take massive action with my contributions. Why? Because despite chronic scarcity thinking I knew I had the means, and because in my mind if I couldn’t contribute my time, I could at least contribute something of value someone else could use. So I calculated out how long I “should” have been contributing in my own mental model of the world, plus some extra, quadrupled it, and wrote a check.

    I don’t know how The Transition can help me. I don’t care if it turns out they can’t. I know their vision and I know with my contribution they will help someone else make a difference. But to my surprise, taking massive action jump started my participation in The Transition. After almost year of inactivity because it felt “too complex”, I finally started exploring on the site. I became aware of the abundance of knowledge available that will help my journey, and even accidentally did the first two steps of my Action plan! So now I’m on a roll, giving myself at least 10 minutes every day to continue my Action Plan. It has been enlightening. In the end, my actions were complementary: the monetary contribution was given for the benefit of others; my time on the site is a contribution to myself.

    10/10 would donate again ;)


    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

    ~ Dr. Seuss


Lazy video gamer turned naturalist. I am simultaneously in awe of humankind's technological advances, and terrified of the devastating uses we'll find for them.
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