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Heal the World - Michael Jackson


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Let's Get Together- Detroit Emeralds

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It is good to address each other by name. One way to learn names is to draw a seating plan, and as people go around and introduce themselves, write their names on it. Later, refer to the plan and address people by their names. In large groups, name tags can be helpful. Also when people speak, it is useful for them to identify themselves so all can gradually learn each others' names.

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Get Paid for Your Recipes is the first Web / Smartphone / Tablet platform that financially rewards its users who create recipes and share them with everyone.


Internet users post their recipes along with photos on

The proposed recipes are then validated by the team’s moderators, some of the best known culinary bloggers in France, lets you make recipes with your favorite brands.

The major «bonus» is that you can be financially rewarded for your recipes!



First, select the challenge that you like among the available challenges of their partner brands. Whatever your culinary gifts, everyone can participate!


You only have 48 hours to give your recipe so that others have the opportunity to others to participate also.

$10 challenges are recipes with a photo of your finished dish (step by step photos are not required).

$15 challenges are recipes with a photo of your finished dish and a photo for each step of the recipe you are adding.

Choose the type of challenge; write your recipe. Click on «Validate!» and «Let’s go!»

Once your recipe has been submitted, our moderators will examine it as soon as possible (appropriate photos, coherent and complete recipe).


So are you ready? Get started!

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Send It On- Disney Channel Stars

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One Day- Matisyahu

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The Pale Blue Dot (You Are Here)

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For pet owners, this is often seen as the first requirement. If you have a pet, you need to live where that animal is welcome. It won't do to convince someone to take on your pet as a Home-mate. The first time the pet misbehaves-which will usually be in your absence-your Home-mate(s) will be reminded that they grudgingly agreed to have the pet in the house. The second and third times, there will be tension, and soon you and your pet will need to find another place to live. Live where you and your pet are welcome and eliminate these problems altogether!


Sources: Sharing Housing: A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates

Contributors:  Annamarie Pluhar

Recommended Books: Sharing Housing: A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates

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Let's Work Together- Canned Heat

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