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  • Hello, I had an appointment on tuesday 6h15. I cannot be there, could you cancel it for me? I Join those 2 documents, and I would very like to have my appoitment with my point person, although it will facilitate everything if those are consulted before hand. Please tell me when is the best time for you for the meeting, how much time do you want before. Thanks, I am really excited about collaborating with your organization.

    And starting at 2min40 :
  • Is in any way related to the Transition Town Movement ( I notice that the logos are strikingly similar.
  • Seeking “point person,” then seeking to be a “point person” for my geographic area. I will work through the videos and readings, but I am hard at work with goals for the ASC and Earth Nation as well. I am looking to take this to the streets and seek business, landowner, and org supporters and investors, and develop a plan for the Lehigh Valley Regional area.
  • Hi – it’s great to see this work. I think I have a solution that you could like. I am asking around to the best groups that I find. We could have a currency that is based on something much more beneficial than greed. I study money, most people don’t understand money and its construct and reason for existing. We have the technology right now, with a little tweaking, for you to use and initiate a new money system based on anything we like but my favorites are 1. Hemp seed (which would be relatively easy to employ) or 2. Carbon sequestration (based on the current money concept of hoarding, so in this case it would be hoarding something that would benefit us). I won’t go into it until I hear back from you. I am genuine about change and truly believe that the only authenticity is through getting off this money system of greed. We can tweak it or we can jettison it. Either way you have to understand we have to find something else that can help us prosper. I am happy to have any questions posed to me. It has been thought out. Thank you and my appreciation for a wonderful site. Namaste!
  • I am intersted to become a TIN person. But haven’t even started a BUD.

    How could I learn more about it? tx
  • All major movement leaders, meeting next week –
  • No point person listed
  • hello! :) I was lead to ask you guys for a point person! very eager to get started :)
  • Looking to find my point person~thank you
  • I guess that this is what you meant.
  • The movies in the movie vault can be found in the you tube site, and are available everywhere. I sent 2 examples previously.
  • signed up on organizational instead of individual, by mistake. can you delete me and i will join as individual. tahans