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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

~ Dr. Seuss

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Wanderers End Sanctuary
Craig G. Lewis
United Earth/ United Federation of Humanity

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  • Of course I endorse. I think that The Transition is the best plan out there.
  • The Transition is important because it allows people to find their gifts~which allows them to find their circle and start to create a better world~
  • We need an exponential expansion of RBE minded communities. The Transition will be instrumental in this worldwide development. However, money will have to be more instrumental in the transition than most transitioners realise. I will explain. If a bunch of poor people have a dream of owning land and growing their own food, years will pass and nothing much will happen. If on the other hand, a group uses money to buy some land and they run a bunch of businesses besides, they will be able to expand exponentially. If you think I am wrong then contact me to discuss it. Friend me in Facebook:
  • Very synchronistic timing for this to show up on Facebook. I have been working on my own vision of this concept.
  • I disappointed myself after joining The Transition. I came on as a Beta tester and subsequently mostly forgot about it. I was genuinely excited about the value I could see in The Transition and the promise its leaders showed in making it something great, but I knew that the actions of participants are really what will make a difference. I just “didn’t have time” to participate.

    Half a year later, I learned about taking massive action to get the results I want. So my first experiment was to take massive action with my contributions. Why? Because despite chronic scarcity thinking I knew I had the means, and because in my mind if I couldn’t contribute my time, I could at least contribute something of value someone else could use. So I calculated out how long I “should” have been contributing in my own mental model of the world, plus some extra, quadrupled it, and wrote a check.

    I don’t know how The Transition can help me. I don’t care if it turns out they can’t. I know their vision and I know with my contribution they will help someone else make a difference. But to my surprise, taking massive action jump started my participation in The Transition. After almost year of inactivity because it felt “too complex”, I finally started exploring on the site. I became aware of the abundance of knowledge available that will help my journey, and even accidentally did the first two steps of my Action plan! So now I’m on a roll, giving myself at least 10 minutes every day to continue my Action Plan. It has been enlightening. In the end, my actions were complementary: the monetary contribution was given for the benefit of others; my time on the site is a contribution to myself.

    10/10 would donate again ;)
  • Our infinite growth and consumption system is killing people and the planet. We have to move into a sustainable system like a resource based economy, and we need this transition to happen soon. Like now!
  • I support The Transition as it is the most structurally sound road map I have been presented with and the resources are seemingly endless. Special thanks to the team for putting this resource together for us.
  • We believe that all of humankind are the Earth’s stewards.

    We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.

    We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith constitute true religion.

    We affirm that we accept responsibilities for humankind’s action and strive to continually right any wrongs.

    We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

    We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals, and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.

    WE always strive to make the right informed decisions.

    We affirm that the Pathway to a healthy Earth and healthy humankind is obtainable thru learning and teaching non-conformation to corporate decisions that are not based on the welfare of our Earth and humankind.
  • I am interested in collaborating with communities in the Northeast, where I am based, towards this vision of establishing a resource-based economy. I am also interested in volunteering and travelling to other communities and offering insights, skill-shares, and various healing therapies.
  • This person has been helping us and is really cool :) I look forward to meeting them in person one day <3
  • This is a great, and posdibly the only, way to create a new, sustainable future.
  • I have spent over 8 years developing and connecting ideas to create an incredibly simple yet genius alternative financial system that could and would reverse our debt individually and nationally, create endless jobs for people, enabling them to work for themselves and their communities doing what they want to do, rather than what corporations or greedy businesses want and making much more money…

    Speaking of money…

    As many of us know, our money now is FIAT, created by fractional reserve banking or “legal” fraud, and inflation, which really means all they are doing is stealing value from money already in existence in order to make more, and it’s all just DEBT with interest and taxes…

    …We’re all about going green nowadays, so let’s make our MONEY green again!

    This system comes with a new type of money in the form of credits or community credits.

    It ALWAYS increases in value and rather than STEALING from what people have already, it ADDS more value every time a new dollar or credit is created or added to the “new economy”

    …So what can you do with these credits?

    Well, we’ll have a marketplace that is accessible on and off the internet in person or via the main website or apps which need to be designed….

    Anyone can exchange anything in this marketplace, even anonymously without taxes, fees or any interest at all…

    You can send and receive money/credits easily just like cash and it is even more secure than our system now.

    Every dollar you put in to your “bank account” is doubled and converted into credits…

    I’m thinking of TRIPLING it instead and having the last third be divided evenly and dispersed into every single account every time cash is put into the system….


    These credits can be sent/received/gifted/bought/earned/etc

    They are treated like cash but are worth much more because they are not backed by debt/slavery and are actually POSITIVE in value.

    Their value will ALWAYS INCREASE rather than decrease and so in this way, they have the power to effectively “recycle/reverse” our debt…

    They can be exchanged digitally or physically,customized, programmed and even significantly multiplied using different investment strategies.

    To learn more about the new credits, please just ask.


    Anyone can share their skills, ideas, possessions and more in exchange for credits…effectively enabling anyone to work on their own time, doing what they want to do or what they are good at…

    In other words, ENDLESS JOBS!

    Not only is this both a physical and virtual place for employment,


    Buy/Sell/Trade/Etc ANYTHING and EVERYTHING


    Obviously we will still need cash to pay our bills and taxes so that’s why credits will be interchangeable with ANYTHING, including cash.

    There will also be GIFT CARDS to all your favorite stores available.


    Anyone who’s ever done affiliate marketing knows how well it works to bring in business and so I thought why not make EVERYTHING

    within the marketplace like this?!

    Get paid a percentage of other people’s work by referring/closing customers to/for them


    Since there are laws regulating the amount of marijuana that can be “exchanged” this would effectively make sure there is always more value coming in than going out….In other words, there will always be more than enough money/weed in the system to cover the demand!

    What a better place to try this than in beautiful Colorado?! I’m Here!


    A place within the marketplace or in the physical community where people can recruit others that are interested to accomplish goals in the quickest, easiest, most effective and organized ways possible.


    A place where you can share your ideas and others who are interested can add their ideas, opinions, questions or comments.

    This is how good ideas quickly turn into great and incredible ones!


    Like I said, there has been over 8 years of brainstorming and development that’s gone into all of this so as you can imagine there is far too much to type here or share with you at one time so…

    If you are interested in making this happen, please send text me or send me a message on facebook,


  • I’m Endorsing and Supporting The Transition, for it’s Mission, Value, and Plans, are of the same that I wish for in my life and in our world. I want to Love, Give, Share and Receive, Help, Add to our Society . I want to become the best Being that I can be, and enjoying this life with others that have, a need, want or desire for Co-Creating and building a world worth saving.
  • My mission with

    5 life policy

    1- Self-Discipline

    usually for personal improvement.

    2 – Sanitize

    *To make more acceptable by removing unpleasant or offensive features *

    3 -Structurise

    One who forms structures; a builder; a constructor

    4 -Standardize

    To evaluate by comparing with a standard.

    5 -Systematic

    *Carried on using step-by-step procedures.

    Never go to sleep a day without a Dream,Steps must be go on until you reach for where you want to be. If Love only existing in my Dream please don’t wake me up !!!!
  • I support The Transition because the current state of things is not sustainable and we have to start building a better future NOW!
  • We completely endorse the Transition and its vision and manifestation
  • I support The Transition because our current direction needs to change.