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I support the transition because I believe in being the living embodiment of solutions, not just another identifier of the problems our society faces. That means that the change begins with the transition of my own personal life, so that I may be more aligned with the changes I wish to see globally. I believe in the transition because it is a format that compassionately encourages an understanding of how we got here and what each of us can do right now to positively alter that reality. I believe our future is a give-give society, one in which information is openly shared, basic needs are truly met, and non-violent communication through consensus is used for decision making. The future I envision is a "back to the village" model in our organizing, back to the earth in our perma-culture landscaping designs, and back to our ancient history for the technologies, healing arts, esoteric theory and plant medicinals that help heal our world of confusion.

  • I am interested in collaborating with communities in the Northeast, where I am based, towards this vision of establishing a resource-based economy. I am also interested in volunteering and travelling to other communities and offering insights, skill-shares, and various healing therapies.


    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

    ~ Dr. Seuss


A 15 Year veteran of the Hospitality Industry, Certified 200hr Yoga Instructor Through Yoga To The People (NYC), Artist/Musician
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