Zeitgeist Malaysia's Expectations

1.) What problems do you feel we will help you solve or resolve? been a tzm member for more than 10 years, my idea of transitioning to rbe/moneyless society would be sharing a property space, looking for activist to move to my rent-free accommodation just a one small property wont change anything, needed activist to demostrate this project, and help me fund raise/collect donation so i can buy another property continue to buy enough property, keep snowballing until occupy whole building or entire forest city, at this time activist no longer need money to buy their own shelter, all activist can live rent free activist able to demonstrate this transition project to public, this is better than capitalism. can thetransition.org help me achieve this? 2.) How active do you intend to be with the site (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)? weekly 3.) Do you expect to do the bulk of the work to get your project off the ground, or do you feel that's the role you want our Transition Team to play?what_do_you_expect.jpg i am the property owner, already running this sharing property space project, which is known as zeitgeist commune housing. now im just looking for activist to stay there 4.) Do you plan to be very invested in our organization and stay with us for a long time (maybe even years) or are you registered on the site just to see what it's about? im not sure about your organization, as long as it is aligned with what tzm/tvp is proposing, i have no problem give the property access to activist for next 10-20 years 5.) How do you expect our organization to fund projects (like yours) in order to launch them? at this moment, not looking for fund raise nor donation yet, until someone had settled down in the commune housing first. 6.) Do you feel our site is meant to help you solely with professional matters or personal ones too? yes, im looking for like minded activist who wants to change 7.) Are you willing to contribute and give to others registered on the site as well as receive and take their offerings? i have not encounter what people are trying to give me, but so far i know this site is about making sure all activist are on the same page, therefore something will hold us together and able to do a collective effort in project. but at the moment, not receiving, im offering rent free property access to activist instead 8.) Are you willing to help with promoting the site as long as you feel it is in alignment with your personal values? yes, i want zeitgeist commune housing project listed in thetransition.org as part of the collective effort for activist looking to transition towards rbe/moneyless society 9.) Do you expect your use of this site to be "life altering" in any way? Not yet 10.) With the knowledge that we are run by a small and 100% volunteer run team, how fast do you feel our turn around time will be for any things entered into the Suggestion Box or sent to us via the Contact Us pages? its fast enough for me 11.) Do you feel all of the above expectations you have provided are reasonable? Yes reasonable, im ok if youre sharing any valueable lesson for activist, but at the end, hope it is not something i need to pay to use thetransition.org website thou 12.) Feel free to write any additional expectations that were not prompted at the close of your answers to the questions above. you should ask people what theyve done to promote the rbe/moneyless society - ive been to meeting although its only with 1 guy and talked about rbe/tzm/tvp idea - i print out leaflets and distribute to public to let them know about tzm, i did this all alone - give zeitgeist addendum dvd to a friend and ask them to watch but all these was 5-7 years ago, dont remember exactly

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