Why Does The Transition Believe a Global Egalitarian System Can Work?




Right now many people say Egalitarianism can't work. However, there are already pre-existing Communities that already operate using this system and have stood the test of time for many decades now. It is true members of these Communities have left and went back to "mainstream" living while others left to join other Communities. The main reason for this is due to a lack of shared values and this would be remedied easily with the existence of more Communities. Nature thrives on diversity and Intentional communities must be diverse as well if we are to thrive as a species.

We believe the top two reasons for this approach are ecological sustainability and social responsibility. Most people now realize that we live on a planet with the necessary resources to feed, clothe, and shelter our entire population but greed and rationing have made these resources so unavailable that over 21,000 CHILDREN DIE EVERY DAY because it is not profitable to provide the Necessities they need to survive. This pattern of withholding what is needed, and the hoarding of possessions, is in our opinion both irrational and counterproductive to our survival yet it continues on the national, city, community, and even the family level throughout most "civilized" cultures. We don’t think it needs to be this way.  By having working Transitional Communities we create proof that a global society using Egalitarianism is within reach. Remember people once said, "Man will never fly", since the Wright brothers we do not hear that anymore. The biggest barrier to an amiable world is that the present system makes people feel powerless. This is why local projects put the power back into small groups of people. Our goal, as this expansion happens and accelerates, is to lead this movement with everyone who wants to help as a global cooperative working together for the benefit of the entire human organism so we can collectively achieve the necessary knowledge base, consciousness, and number of solutions creating models that create additional solution models necessary to make our entire planet sustainable and improve living here for everyone and everything. The Transition makes sense - the solution is the same size as the problem. We look at the whole system not just one issue because we are facing a systems failure not a single problem failure. Care to joins us? Become a Contributor Now!


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Contributors: Transition US

Recommended Books: Transition Primer: A Guide to Becoming a Transition Town, US Version