Who is Jessica Pettitt ?


For more than a decade, Jessica Pettitt has been educating people to support and embrace a more diverse environment. Her social justice and diversity curricula are used nationwide.

Jessica Pettitt is the "diversity educator" your family warned you about.

She is easy to work with, accessible, and presents concepts that can be hard to put into action and makes them simple. Jess gets Jessica_Pettitt.jpgparticipants uncomfortable enough to incorporate — not just talk about — social justice into their lives immediately. Nominated for three years by Campus Activities Magazine for Best Diversity Artist, and Hot Pick for 2011, Jessica’s programs are direct, customized, and highly interactive. Her workshopstrainings, and keynotes take participants on a journey weaving together politics, theory, current events, and storytelling with large doses of humor reminiscent of Bob Newhart, George Carlin, Wanda Sykes and Paula Poundstone. Jessica takes 10+ years in Student Affairs, 5+ years of national consulting work, and 2+ years of stand up comedy stage to stage, as part of her mission to inspire change, dismantle oppression, and reclaim our responsibility to make change. Through teaching, writing, and facilitating tough conversations, Jessica has figured out how to BE the change she wants to BE. Now it is your turn!

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