Who is Jenise Fryatt?


Jenise Fryatt is Co-Host (with Marianne West) of The Sustainable Living Podcast, an hour-long weekly podcast that provides tips, jenise.pngtools and tactics for living a heart-centered life that honors Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

The Sustainable Living Podcast has been publishing weekly shows since February 2015.  Topics have included, permaculture, backyard farming, meditation, homesteading, natural remedies, new economic systems, alternative farming methods, backyard farming, zero-waste, homeschooling, edible landscaping, alternative health options, backyard chickens, re-wilding and more.  

As a digital content marketing strategist for Smarter Shift, Jenise identifies and engages with niche audiences on social media platforms and creates content specifically designed to add value to these communities. She uses Twitter chats, blogging, in-person outreach, speaking and education in furthering client marketing goals.

Jenise is also a homesteader with her own chickens and vegetable garden and a Permaculture Design Certificate from The Permaculture Academy in Los Angeles.

As a yoga instructor and long-time meditator she seeks to integrate a mindful approach to every aspect of life and tries not to take things too seriously.