Who is Jae Sabol?


Jae Sabol is the Executive Director of One Community, a 100% volunteer non-profit creating transformational global change through designing, modeling, and open sourcing sustainable solutions for infrastructure, food, education, economics, and fulfilled living.

Jae’s goal and purpose is creating a world that works for everyone.

An entrepreneur with over 15 years experience building successful businesses, Jae’s vision of sustainability and a “new way to Jae Sabol, Jae M Sabol, One Community Executive Director, for The Highest Good of All, difference maker, world change peoplelive” began in the 90’s and grew into his life’s work through a series of life-changing events and 1000’s of hours of education. Leaving college and starting his own business in 1998, Jae accumulated over 70 certificates of qualification in holistic living, nutrition, and psychology. Next he turned his focus to studying the social and psychological aspects of social change, leadership, and personal achievement. Then his learning path began to focus on community building, including training and experience in organizational management, strategic business development, systems creation and implementation, negotiation, team building, consensus, the science of success, the psychology of happiness, and ultimately how and why to create for The Highest Good of All.

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