Who is Annamarie Pluhar?


For more than twenty years of Annamarie's adult life, she has lived in shared housing with people who started out as strangers. She
has always appreciated the cost savings and companionship that shared housing provides. In her years of sharing housing, she has annamarie.jpglearned a few things. Annamarie has lived with singles, people in transition, a single mother and her pre-school son, an elderly friend of the family, couples, people in school or internships, and foreigners in the country for work or study. Some have remained friends, others have not. Along the way she has made mistakes and made wonderful friends. There is no doubt that her life has been richer by living under a roof with people who started out as strangers.


She has come to spreading the word about shared housing after years in the corporate world, first as a management consultant and later as an instructional designer. As a consultant, she trained employees to work in self-managing work teams, honing her expertise in group dynamics and interpersonal relationships. As an instructional designer, she is skilled in breaking down complex subjects so that individuals can learn them easily. Currently she offers coaching in computer skills. Annamarie calls the business “Patient, Sympathetic Coaching.” You can read about it here.

Years ago she earned a masters in divinity, (Episcopal Divinity School) where she received excellent supervised training in helping people—how to listen, how to encourage personal growth, and how to help people manage life.

She considers Sharing Housing to be a ministry.

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