Who is A. Allen Butcher?


A. Allen Butcher is a prolific writer on intentional community. His first book on the theory, design, and history of intentional allen_butcher.jpgcommunity is free-for-download in two dozen PDF files at: CultureMagic.org. His second book is an alternative history of civilization from the perspective of the counterculture or "parallel culture" titled: "The Intentioneer's Bible: Interwoven Stories of the Parallel Cultures of Plenty and Scarcity."

Allen was one of five incorporators of the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), and was a member of the board-of-directors, or served as secretary and/or treasurer of, in chronological order: the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, the New Destiny Cooperative Federation food wholesale, Project TAProot providing technical assistance for cooperatives, the New Life Farm appropriate technology center, the FIC educational and networking association, Inter-Communities of Virginia regional community network, The School of Living Community Land Trust, the Community Educational Service Council, Inc. revolving loan fund, Denver Green Party, the Community Network of the Rocky Mountains, and the Cohousing Association of the Rocky Mountains as it became Cohousing U.S.A.

Allen lived 12 years at East Wind (1975-83) and at Twin Oaks (1985-89) communities, and now lives collectively in Denver, Colorado, writing books on the communitarian past, present, and fiction.


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